Your Guide to Email Delegation With a Shared Inbox

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Your team works together to accomplish common goals, and each member brings unique strengths and skills. Cooperation and communication are key elements of collaboration. But what about delegation? Teamwork becomes much more effective if you know when and how to delegate.

You can't enjoy the best of collaboration without delegation. The experts at Harvard Business School agree that the ability to delegate is a top skill for effective team management.

Email delegation can reduce the burden on individual team members and spread the workload more evenly. But that's just the start of its benefits in the workplace. Do you want to know what these benefits are? Your guide to email delegation with a shared inbox will provide the answers.

What Is Email Delegation?

Email delegation is the process of granting one or multiple people access to your email account. This allows others to respond to emails on your behalf due to a common role; for example, you are on the same team, and both represent the same company.

You are delegating email-centered tasks to others qualified and authorized to handle them. Setting up a shared inbox is the first step to delegating emails. This isn't suitable for personal emails but rather for workplace email communications.

When your inbox looks too full, you may become a victim of email overload. Delegating tasks is the answer. It distributes the workload between team members and frees you up to attend to other work-related tasks.

How Will It Benefit My Business?

Before you initiate new workplace processes, you'll want to know the benefits. There are many benefits to email delegation, but these are the top five that will interest you:

1. Streamlined Collaboration

Delegating emails assures streamlined communication across your team, department, and the company. With everyone working on clearing that email inbox, the entire team will be aware of important developments. This helps them to work together toward common goals faster.

2. Effective Communication

You'll quickly see the benefit of more effective communication when delegating emails. Your coworkers will know about crucial upcoming events and dates firsthand because they'll have read about them themselves. Attaching internal notes to these tasks takes communication even further.

Why does delegation make such an impact? Things often go awry in workplace communication. If you rely on sending out memos at the end of the workday, you could be distracted and forget to do so. Delegation also ensures punctual customer service responses.

3. Enhanced Productivity

Email delegation enhances your team's overall productivity. By sharing the email management workload, you maximize employee availability and become a well-oiled machine. More work gets done, and it gets done faster, too. This time, efficiency has a big impact on workplace productivity.

4. Less Stress

Let's get real; email inbox management isn't always fun. It can be stressful if not dealt with properly. When those emails keep flooding in, and you feel you can't cope with the pace, anxiety quickly takes over. Before long, the backlog of email tasks seemed insurmountable.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There's a lot less stress involved with email management when you learn to delegate. You can clear your inbox faster, reply to emails sooner, and eradicate inbox anxiety.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to efficient teamwork, and email delegation can be as flexible as needed. You always have control over setting permissions for those who may or may not access the shared inbox. As team dynamics change, you can reset those permissions to reflect new team members or changing roles.

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How to Delegate Emails From Your Shared Inbox

Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of email delegation in your workplace? It's a lot easier than you think. A shared inbox is the key, like the one on the Helpmonks platform. But to maximize your delegation skills, you need our ‘To-Do' lists feature.

There's never any confusion about what needs to be done and when or who needs ‘To Do' it. All that information is sitting right there, easily accessed at any time in the top navigation bar. Permitted users can also comment on each item on the list, ensuring smoother communication.

Moreover, this feature is accessible on any device and from any page within Helpmonks. That's the secret to effective delegation on the go. You always stay in control and can manage your team more effectively from anywhere.

Here's How It Works

You'll never say, "So much to do, so little time," ever again. Delegating email-specific tasks is quick and easy on Helpmonks when you use our ‘To Do' feature. Just follow these easy steps:

Review your emails and determine who's best suited for handling a specific task. Then, look for the ‘To Do' tab at the top of the page and click on it.

Type a task and assign the ‘To-Do' to that designated team member. Create as many ‘To-Do' tasks as the email conversation requires, and assign these tasks accordingly. You don't even have to assign the whole email conversation to them; you can send the task independently from the email.

You can also create a private ‘To-Do' list that only you and the team can see. This helps you stay up-to-date with all your assigned tasks to manage your team better.

‘To Do' list management is even easier when you categorize tasks under specific, customizable topics relevant to your team's work processes. Navigating your ‘To Do' list couldn't be easier. Simply filter them by category, user, or due date.


Like any other workplace, email delegation makes your team more efficient and productive. It reduces email overload and gets you closer to clearing your inbox. When you use the Helpmonks email management platform, it becomes even easier.

Our email management plans offer enterprise cloud servers, and the shared inboxes are compatible with all email providers. We have all the features you need for quick and hassle-free delegation of email tasks. Make the right choice for your team. Create a Helpmonks account today and start your 30-day free trial!

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