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Helpmonks is the only team email management solution that has an intelligent collaborative email management approach.
Helpmonks empowers you to take control of your team emails!

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Email Management

Helpmonks shared mailboxes help you manage team email conversations

Organize and prioritize emails by assigning them to team members, archiving important conversations or closing completed inquiries. Keep track of customers and companies. Read more.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes right in Helpmonks

Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes which only you and your team members see. Use reminders to bring email conversations back to your attention when you're ready. Read more.

Seamless Integration

Helpmonks works with every email client

Helpmonks is invisible to your customers. Continue working with your existing email client and email provider. Switch to Helpmonks without interruption to your current workflow and gain the benefit of all Helpmonks has to offer. Read more.

What people are saying about Helpmonks

I'm testing your service. I like what I see. Looks perfect for a small office I'm working with!

— Tim Martin

Thanks to @helpmonks we're changing how our staff respond to incoming emails so we can better support our members.

— MetroAir

#Helpmonks may have just figured out team email, for real

— Kyle S

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Helpmonks integrates seamlessly with your existing email provider
No change needed

You are in control, because it doesn't matter if your email provider is Google Apps, Rackspace, Yahoo, Exchange Server or your own mail server. Simply forward your email (,, etc.) to Helpmonks to create a shared mailbox. Accessible to everyone in your team. See how a shared mailbox works.

Helpmonks is compatible with every email server
Helpmonks is compatible with Rackspace
Helpmonks works with Google Apps and Gmail
Helpmonks and Office 365 work together too
Local mail servers like Microsoft Exchange are completely compatible with Helpmonks. No email client change needed.

Extend your email management with add-ons

Helpmonks complements your existing stack and integrates with your Helpdesk or CRM with free optional add-ons to enhance your team email experience. Manage all your conversations from one central place.

Trello and Helpmonks plugin. Update card with email.
Basecamp and email notifications easely done with Helpmonks
Create tickes in Github from any email with Helpmonks
Create issues and tickets from Helpmonks in Jira by Atlassian with one click
Zendesk and Helpmonks make a perfect team
HipChat Helpmonks Notification Plugin
Slack Helpmonks Notification Plugin

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