One email app to create an outstanding customer experience

Teams that use Helpmonks for customer service automatically gain superpowers, and customer support enters the next collaboration level

Helpmonks shared mailbox providing a holistic approach to your customers

Trusted by over 2,000 organizations with millions of emails

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed
We couldn't do our job without Helpmonks!
Helpmonks, the best thing since sliced bread
Excellent option for collaborating email amongst your team

All-in-one customer support software with built-in lead generation

Helpmonks is an email collaboration platform that helps customer support teams become better together — it provides tools to understand your customers better and helps to stay engaged with them.

Shared inbox

Collaborate in your shared inbox together

All your shared emails organized

Collaborate in your shared inbox together. Use our email collaboration suite to supercharge your email workflow — no complicated ticketing system.

Live Chat

Live Chat for customer support

Real-time customer support

Provide customers service in real-time for an outstanding customer experience. All-in-one shared inbox for emails and live chats.

Email Marketing

Email automation, email campaigns, email newsletter, and email templates

Connect with your customers

Create beautiful email campaigns to send an email newsletter to engage customers or use email automation to send automated drip campaigns.


Share tasks with your team

Become a Task Zenbox-Master

The Helpmonks To-Do app supercharges your shared emails and turns your shared mailbox into a powerful task manager.


CRM in your shared inbox

Get insight into your customers

Your customer emails contain valuable data. The Helpmonks CRM helps you to stay on top of it so that every customer interaction becomes successful.


Workgroup email with ease

Work better together

Create a unified experience for the whole team in your shared inbox software. Resolve customer requests together and provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Intelligent email management. Embed internal notes directly into email conversations, only visible to you and your team members, never to the customer. Set individual email reminders, to ensure replying in a timely manner. Additionally, create work-flow rules to automatically prioritize and manage incoming email messages. See how you can benefit from email management.

Intelligent email management.

Keep relevant information with the email, where you need it, until you're ready to reply.

No more creating countless forwards of the same email, only to accidentally include the wrong people in your reply. Using notes store your internal information in the email itself, where it remains available to only you and your team, never to the customer.

Use notes to avoid delays in replying to your customers by embedding any text, images or attachments into the email. Your notes are only ever visible to you or your team, whether viewing the email from within Helpmonks or your current email client.

Collaborate with full context and reply with confidence

Designate who will reply by assigning emails to team members.

Ensure your customer's inquiries are not ignored by assigning emails as tasks, ensuring someone is accountable.

Everyone is aware of who intends to reply. Any team member, of a shared mailbox, can join in and collaborate on any email in that mailbox. At a glance see how many emails are assigned to you and the rest of your team.

Create a shared mailbox for free today and see for yourself how efficient your team inbox can be.

Intelligent email management. Assign emails to team members. See at a glance how many emails are awaiting your and your teams replies.
Helpmonks Email Campaign Platform

A mighty email marketing platform at your disposal

The Helpmonks Email Marketing Platform helps you to stay in contact with your prospects and is the natural extensions to the Helpmonks email collaboration platform. As you already manage all your customer conversations in Helpmonks, turning a conversation into an promotional emails campaign is just one click away.

Engage your customers by using email automation and check the progress of your marketing endeavors with ready to use reports and analytics. Email marketing has never been easier and more affordable.

The Helpmonks email marketing solution helps you to reach more customers, resolve issues, sell more, and build lasting relationships. All in your email inbox.

Live-Chat widget for every website. Available in your shared inbox.

With the Helpmonks Live-Chat you can put a chat widget on as many websites as you like. Selected team members can become agents and respond to customers requests in a timely fashion. An additional benefit is that each chat widget provides you a real-time visitor list and an activity report with helpful details.

Targeted chats & triggers engage visitors with custom notifications and messages to emphasize your promotions. Chat messages are automatically tagged in Helpmonks, so that your support team starts collaborating efficiently on those messages and gain more leads and higher customer satisfaction.

It's never been easier to add Live-Chat to your website and follow-up with your service team. Every communication from different user accounts and email addresses is unified, and available in one tool.

Helpmonks Live-Chat for every website for free
To-Do team task manager. Create and assign tasks. Collaborate on email conversations together.

Create and assign tasks. Collaborate on email conversations with ease.

The Team To-Do app enriches the collaboration between all team members. Create and assign a To-Do to an individual team member from any email with ease.

With To-Dos for Teams you can capture anything that needs attention. The To-Do management app is available throughout your shared mailboxes in Helpmonks. Besides, you can create individual tasks, visible only to you, to keep everything in one place.

The Team To-Do list is the perfect app when you need to delegate several tasks with multiple people for an email.

Helpmonks provides all the tools to increase your sales funnels with a sophisticated CRM out of the box.

Besides being a highly capable customer service email management software, Helpmonks can help your team with a dedicated shared inbox for sales and its built-in CRM.

Use the Helpmonks CRM to keep track of every conversation with your customers. Also, leverage our email marketing services and create targeted email campaigns or use the live chat to help customers in real-time.

All relevant customer information is one click away in one central location available on all your devices. Anytime. Anywhere.

Manage your team emails. Organize and prioritize emails by assigning them to team members, archiving important conversations or closing completed inquiries. Keep track of customers, companies and service level agreements with built-in customer management tools.

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Helpmonks gives you the ability tocollaborate as a groupin your shared mailbox, features aTeam To-Do App, powerfulCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)capabilities, a completeLive-Chat tool, a mighty Email Marketing Platform that includes sending ofemail campaignsandemail automation, collision detection, email tracking, reminders, mentions, custom fields, custom applications, customer satisfaction ratings, Single-Sign-On (SSO) & SAML authentication, Trello, Zapier, Slack, an API, and much more.

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