The collaborative email platform for your team

Helpmonks is the only team email management solution with an intelligent collaborative email management approach.
Helpmonks empowers you to take control of your team emails!

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Email management

Helpmonks shared mailboxes augments your email to help manage customer communication

Organize and prioritize emails by assigning them to team members, labeling important conversations or closing completed inquiries
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CRM capabilities

Helpmonks CRM - sales tool in your shared mailbox for your team

Transform your team email mailbox into a powerful sales tool without the burden or complexibility of a CRM software
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Automated emails

Helpmonks automates email behavior with workflows

Our automated email marketing solution helps you reach more customers, sell more, and build lasting relationships
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Now available. Powerful CRM capabilities.

With our Helpmonks CRM you transform your shared email into a powerful sales tool. No need to hunt for data or jump between systems, our CRM shows your team's customer history where you need when you need it most.

Collaborate with your whole team on leads and close more deals with less effort. Everything in one place, always up to date, and transparent for everyone in your organization.

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Helpmonks is the only shared mailbox solution that offers multiple deployment options

Hosted Edition

Use our Helpmonks hosted platform for your business. Everything is safe, secure and password-protected.
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Cloud Server Edition

A fully managed dedicated cloud server for your organization. Perfect for your growing enterprise.
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Self-Hosted Edition

Helpmonks is the only email management solution that can also be fully deployed on your premises. Helpmonks scales and grows along with your enterprise.
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What people are saying about Helpmonks

I really appreciate you always improving the product. Makes it a pleasure to use. Have a great weekend!

— Opticaltel

FYI, very happy customers here at Oosterpoort, we use helpmonks on a daily basis :-)

— Oosterpoort

We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made our communication with our customers so much easier. Thank you.

— Medology