Smart customer engagement platform for a better customer experience

Customer Engagement Tool for teams

Teams that use Helpmonks for customer service automatically gain superpowers and customer support enters the next collaboration level.

Use Shared Inbox, Live Chat, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and so much more to manage all your customer communication and improve customer engagement.

Customer Engagement Tool for teams
Great system that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

User in Real Estate

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

JT M. (Small Business Owner)

Work better together in one platform

We combined many customer service tools into a powerful all-in-one customer engagement platform. One tool for sales, marketing, and customer support. All features work together for a smarter and better customer experience.

Engage & grow your audience

Email Marketing

Our all-in-one customer service platform features a complete email marketing platform. Send beautiful email newsletters to your distribution listsRead more

Marketing Automation

Reach more customers and build customer loyalty with an automated email drip campaign. Send automated personalized messages based on your customers' behaviorRead more

Live Chat

Provide real-time customer support with a live chat widget on your website. Use targeted chat messages & triggers to engage visitors furtherRead more

Excel your customer service

Shared Inbox

Get your whole team engaged in customer service. Our intelligent shared inbox tools takes your team to the next level in email collaborationRead more

Team Workgroups

Empower your team to become successful with the Helpmonks Workgroups. Team members know that everything is organized and no emails will fall through the cracksRead more


Keep track of all your customer interactions in one powerful tool. Transform your shared inbox into a powerful sales tool with a CRM that's built for emailsRead more

To-Dos for Teams

Supercharge your teams productivity with a To-Do manager that is made for teams. Quickly assign a task to one or several team members. Create lists to organize email tasksRead more

Want a unified team? Then our all-in-one customer service platform is for you.

Imagine using software that gives you insight into every interaction with your customers. Now imagine a solution that unifies all your communication with your customers. Finally, imagine a tool that makes this all available for your whole team.

Helpmonks is an email collaboration tool to help with your customer engagement strategy. The intelligentshared inboxallows your customer support agents to see all customer interactions at once. Improving your customer support will result in higher sales and long-term customer retention.

Your sales and marketing team will love sendingeffective email marketing campaignswith the same tool they use for email communication. Also, they can use marketing automation tosend automated emails. No exporting or importing of email lists required.

A unified customer communication brings your whole team together. Besides, anall-in-one customer engagement toolwill not only save you time but also money.

Empowering customer service teams everywhere

We've been a customer of Helpmonks for a while now and have seen the platform grow and evolve into a full suite of shared productivity tools. The shared inbox transformed the way we respond to customer emails. It allows us to have several agents answering email at the same time, without fear of collisions due to its built in collision detection.
Eric M. (Small Business Owner)
Helpmonks provides many unique features and settings for customization. Multiple options for each user to set up for their own experience. Customer service is very responsive and works through any issues promptly and get back to us in a timely fashion. Option for setting up reminders can be extra helpful so that customer's aren't neglected.
Heather W.
We are able to have multiple people work through one mailbox. We use one email address for our accounting department. Different people need different emails. Being able to assign a conversation to someone instead of having to forward it or send slack, we can just assign it to them and it clears the queue. The pricing is amazing and the support is wonderful.
Chris H.

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