The Helpmonks story

Helpmonks is built and run by people who genuinely care about you being successful. Read about our story, the team, and what the future holds for the Helpmonks Customer Service Tools.

The story behind Helpmonks

In 2015, Nitai Aventaggiato — a serial entrepreneur who is also the founder of Razuna — announced that he is launching his sixth company to disrupt the email management software space for teams.

The announcement ultimately lead to Helpmonks as we know it today. Of course, many things have changed since 2015. However, the ultimate mission — to empower every organization to benefit from a shared inbox solution — is still deeply embedded and drives every product decision.

Helpmonks mission is to deliver a product that is hopefully a joy to use and, at the same time, useful to you and your team. Apart from that, we also care about being socially responsible to our customers and our employees. Helpmonks manages a workforce that consistently is made of 50% men and 50% women.

How it all started.

Just like everyone else, our founders were using email to communicate with customers. However, as the team grew, they realized that the constant email flow became unruly. Emails made their way into spreadsheets (horrible decision). From there, the emails made it into a ticketing system (well, more of a monster when you think of Jira).

While a ticketing system might suffice for the development team, it's highly complicated when you start interacting with customers (you know the ones who contacted you by email at first). Something had to be done.

Chaos without a shared inbox

When you come to think of it, you will undoubtedly see that a lot of companies have created products to support email communication and have provided various email management solutions to handle the flow of emails. However, many of those approaches are only for use in the personal email space. I wanted to create something similar for team emails, especially since sharing an inbox requires more collaboration between members than just replying to or forwarding an email.

Keep it simple.

Given that we all had our fair share of experience with handling emails, we knew from the very start, that Helpmonks should not be a complicated system. Hence, Helpmonks positioned itself as an email management software solution for creating shared inboxes for teams.

The goal of Helpmonks is not to replace a ticketing system, helpdesk, or CRM but instead to complement existing stacks. To quote our CEO again, "We wanted to avoid dictating the current workflows of our users, and instead make Helpmonks integrate with their established procedures".

The goal of Helpmonks should be to allow its customers to continue using their current tools and email clients. Besides, Helpmonks should be made available to every customer, independent of their requirements.

Another goal was always to build our product around the customers expectations.

Helpmonks - unified customer engagement software

Helpmonks today.

Today, we are excited to see that many of our initial requirements have been met. Some even beyond our expectations. Helpmonks is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, and we are processing millions of emails daily.

Our constant customer-first approach has brought many features to a holistic shared inbox approach. As such embedded in every shared mailbox are tools like Live-Chat (with push notifications and targeted messages), an advanced Knowledge Base with options to create public or private doc sites, announcement or roadmaps, the option to send Email Marketing Campaigns, and Email Sequences.

In December 2022, we finished the migration and integration of our beloved Digital Asset Management System - Razuna - into Helpmonks completing a five-year mission to provide the best customer engagement software on the market today.

We are proud to say that many of our customers tell us — Helpmonks just works.

Replace many apps. Save time and (a lot) of money.

Manage multiple business apps with ease using Helpmonks. Save time and money by replacing several apps. Say goodbye to app juggling and hello to streamlined management.


All features and unlimited users.

Shared inbox
Email marketing
Email automations
Live chat
Knowledge base
Email CRM
Email to-do's
Push notifications
Landing pages
File storage & sharing
Save big with Helpmonks
(2 mailboxes, each $49/month)

Your shared inbox tool

HelpScout, Front, Zendesk, etc. Includes Knowledge Base, Live Chat, 5 users for $19/month on average.


Your email marketing suite

Mailchimp, AWeber, etc. 10,000 contacts, email automation, landing pages, etc. Price on average $180/month.


Your other misc. tools

CRM, Dropbox, Google, Office 365, etc. All your subscriptions on average $360/month.


$635/month minimum

Get more done.

With Helpmonks everyone uses the same app at the same time. One place to get work done and not all over the place. Using Helpmonks goes beyond the price. Helpmonks is here to make you successful.

Here's what you get with Helpmonks

We created Helpmonks to be the foundation for your customer engagement. Use it to collaborate with your team on customer service and marketing, increase sales, and create a hub for all customer interactions.

A shared inbox for teams

Shared inbox

The smart shared inbox solution for teams that demand more than just answering emails.

Email Marketing System

Email Marketing

A mighty email marketing platform to help you reach your customers and increase sales.

Email Sequences for sales

Email Sequences

Create automated follow-ups or send a series of emails with our email sequences.

CRM for emails

Email CRM

Manage contacts and companies and get the full (customer) picture at any point and any time.

Free knowledge base tool

Knowledge Base

Create public or internal doc sites with ease. Fully integrated with our live chat widget.

Live chat for website and in-app messages with push notifications

Live Chat

Real time customer support with live chat for your websites. Including smart push notifications.

Task management for emails

Task Manager

Powerful email task management for teams at your fingertips and always available.

File storage and file sharing for your team

File Sharing

One central space for all your attachments. Plus file management with a lighting-fast search.

Over 10 years in business.

Self-funded. No investors. No bullshit.

More than 3,000 customers worldwide.

Helpmonks - no bullshit customer engagement service

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