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Helpmonks is a Help scout alternative that offers a shared inbox, a modern approach, and is blazing fast. See why Helpmonks is the best alternative to Helpscout.

Get (a lot) more - for less - with Helpmonks.

Compared to Helpscout, Helpmonks is a all-in-one customer engagement platform that provides a shared inbox, CRM capabilities, live-chat, email automation, email marketing, and a knowledge base.

Furthermore, Helpmonks features a unified shared inbox, a more modern approach, and is blazing fast.

Contrary to Helpscout's pricing, Helpmonks does not charge per user. Instead, you pay a flat monthly fee for the entire team.

Below you'll find a comparison of Helpscout vs. Helpmonks.

Helpscout pricing

There's no comparison as you get (a lot) more with Helpmonks. With Helpmonks you get an all-powerful customer engagement software that's made for small businesses. True CRM capabilities, a built-in email marketing platform, and email automation takes your customer service team to the next level.

Compared to Helpscout, everything is included in your Helpmonks account from the start. Also, you don't pay more as your business grows. Besides, large teams will not get a limited company plan, with a price that is only valid for one year, but a true dedicated server for team emails for a fraction of Helpscout's company plan.

See for yourself how much you can safe by switching to Helpmonks today.

Price Example with 5 users
Price per month$98$125$250 
Price Example with 15 users
Price per month$98$375$750$975
Price Example with 25 users
Price per month$98$625$1,250$1,625
Price Example with 100 users - HIPPA
Price per month$899 5,000$6,500

Helpscout vs. Helpmonks: Features compared

Helpmonks is focused on its customers and built tools for growing teams. Compared to Helpscout, which only features customer support tools, Helpmonks comes with a complete Email Marketing Platform and Email automation.

Furthermore, Helpmonks is driven by innovation and continously adds tools for marketing and sales.

See for yourself how Helpmonks compares to Helpscout's features below:

Unified mailbox
Email Automation
Email Task Management
Knowledge Base
Live Chat
Push Notifications
Email Marketing
Email Sequences
Landing pages / Forms
File Management (DAM)
White-Label / OEM
Dedicated Server Option

A unified shared inbox.

Compared to Help Scout, Helpmonks comes with a true unified shared inbox that provides you access to all your emails in all mailboxes in a glance.

However, Helpmonks is so much more than a shared inbox. It's a customer engagement platform that helps you to grow. That's why we don't label Helpmonks a helpdesk, service desk, or ticketing system.

Learn more about our shared inbox

Helpmonks - integrated marketing automation
Helpmonks - email sequences

Email marketing included.

The Helpmonks Email Marketing Platform helps you to stay in contact with your prospects and is the natural extension to the Helpmonks email collaboration platform.

As you're already managing all your customer conversations in Helpmonks, turning a conversation into an promotional email campaign is just one click away.

No need for a third-party tool or some cumbersome integration (and paying for yet-another-tool).

Learn more about our email campaigns

Email automation.

Email automation is here to help you get your work done faster and easier. With Helpmonks you only need to configure a follow-up email sequences once and the system automatically starts communicating with your customers.

Furthermore, use the powerful email sequences to create a series of welcome emails or more.

Learn more about email sequences

Lighting-fast search with AI for your knowledge base
Helpmonks - visual designer tool for email templates

Push notifications.

Our Live Chat feature is included without any limitations. You can use the Live Chat widget on as many sites and support channels as you want with no chat agent limits.

Use proactive messages to engage your customers with personalized notifications and drive sales and customer engagement.

No matter wich channel your support agents have to support, with our customer support software and the chat widget installed, you can provide an outstanding customer experience without limits.

Learn more about our live chat

Help Center.

Use the powerful Helpmonks knowledge base software to give customers access to all the information the need.

Delight your customers with a lighting-fast search and a powerful live chat widget to provide instant help on any your websites.

Learn more about our knowledge base

Lighting-fast search with AI for your knowledge base
Analytics for search and most viewed pages in your knowledge-base

Get more, for less.

Helpmonks is an all-in-one customer engagement platform. It includes a shared inbox, knowledge base, CRM capabilities, email automation, and an entire email marketing platform.

Furthermore, Helpmonks is a (lot more) affordable than Helpscout. You can save up to 50% by switching to Helpmonks.

Learn more about our pricing

Best in class support from real people.

Helpmonks is a self-funded company. We're here to help you with anything you need. We're available via email and chat.

Furthermore, we're constantly improving our product. We release new features every week and we're always open to feedback.

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Analytics for search and most viewed pages in your knowledge-base

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Helpmonks vs Others

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Helpmonks vs. Frontapp

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Helpmonks vs. Groovehq

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Helpmonks vs. Mailchimp

Do more than (over)pay with Mailchimp. Helpmonks includes a shared mailbox, knowledge base, and CRM capabilities.

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Helpmonks vs. Engagebay

Simpler to use, more affordable, and more powerful. Helpmonks is the best alternative to Engagebay.

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Helpmonks vs. Zendesk

Helpmonks is the best alternative to Zendesk. Helpmonks is more affordable, easier to use, and more powerful than any other helpdesk system.

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Helpmonks vs. Email Groups

Compared to Google Groups or a shared inbox in Outlook, Helpmonks is the better alternative with more powerful features and better team collaboration.

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Helpmonks vs. Team Outpost

Team Outpost was a shared inbox tool that was disolved. See why so many switched to Helpmonks as the alternative to a Outpost mailbox.

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Here's what you get with Helpmonks

We created Helpmonks to be the foundation for your customer engagement. Use it to collaborate with your team on customer service and marketing, increase sales, and create a hub for all customer interactions.

A shared inbox for teams

Shared inbox

The smart shared inbox solution for teams that demand more than just answering emails.

Email Marketing System

Email Marketing

A mighty email marketing platform to help you reach your customers and increase sales.

Email Sequences for sales

Email Sequences

Create automated follow-ups or send a series of emails with our email sequences.

CRM for emails

Email CRM

Manage contacts and companies and get the full (customer) picture at any point and any time.

Free knowledge base tool

Knowledge Base

Create public or internal doc sites with ease. Fully integrated with our live chat widget.

Live chat for website and in-app messages with push notifications

Live Chat

Real time customer support with live chat for your websites. Including smart push notifications.

Task management for emails

Task Manager

Powerful email task management for teams at your fingertips and always available.

File storage and file sharing for your team

File Sharing

One central space for all your attachments. Plus file management with a lighting-fast search.

Over 10 years in business.

Self-funded. No investors. No bullshit.

More than 3,000 customers worldwide.

Helpmonks - no bullshit customer engagement service

Growth starts with action

Empower your team and delight your customers.

Helpmonks - email management for small businesses