Your file server in the cloud

Helmonks features a modern file sharing platform that allows you to share files with your team and clients.

A collaborative file sharing platform.

Helpmonks includes a secure business file sharing solution that allows you to browse all your files in one place.

It features a modern and intuitive user interface to browse all email attachments in one central location. You can also upload files and share them with your team or clients.

Helpmonks's file sharing platform is built on top of the Razuna file sharing platform. Razuna is a modern and secure file sharing platform that is used by many large companies and organizations.

Find everything lightning fast

Stop wasting time looking for those email attachments. With the Helpmonks's file sharing platform, you will find your files in seconds. No matter in what folder or email they are located.

Secure & HIPAA compliant

Helpmonks - hipaa file sharing

Helpmonks offers a HIPAA compliant file sharing platform*. All files are stored in a secure data center. We use the latest security standards to ensure your data is safe. (* with our HIPAA package)

Client file sharing

Helpmonks - secure file storage

Create a client portal to share files with your clients. You can also create a custom URL to share files with your team. Furthermore, you can also create dedicated workspaces for your team or customers.

Attachments in emails

Helpmonks - file sharing search

Our file sharing platform automatically scans all your emails and extracts all attachments. You can then browse all your files in one place. No more searching for those email attachments.

Client workspaces

Helpmonks - secure client portal file sharing

Provide your clients with a secure client portal to share files with. Workspaces are fully customizable and can be used to share files with third-parties. Take it further and customize the look and feel of your client portal.

File collaboration

Helpmonks - corporate file sharing solutions

Add labels, custom fields, description, and keyswords to your files. Furthermore, you can also add comments to your files to collaborate with your team or clients.

Online editing

Helpmonks - best small business file sharing

Helpmonks's file sharing platform allows you to edit your files online. You can edit your files in the browser without the need to download them.

A powerful file sharing platform.

Over 15 years ago, one of the founders of Helpmonks started working on a digital asset management platform. The goal was to create a modern and secure file sharing platform that is easy to use. Over the years, the platform has been improved and is now used by many large companies and organizations.

This very same platform is now used by Helpmonks to provide a secure file sharing platform for your business. Additionally, we are continuing to make the Razuna DAM software available as a standalone product.

We invite you to visit the Razuna website to learn more.

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