Introducing To-Do lists for your teams in Helpmonks

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We are incredibly excited to introduce To-Do lists for teams for your Helpmonks shared inbox. To-Do lists for teams is the next step in empowering our customers to get more done in a shorter time.

With the To-Do Manager, you can assign a specific To-Do to another team-member without assigning the whole email conversation to the user. Additionally, you can create as many To-Do’s as you require for a conversation. Furthermore, you can create To-Do’s independent of an email, either for someone else or for yourself, including private To-Do’s, that no one else can see.

To-Do lists are accessible within Helpmonks at any time in the top navigation. Here you can filter To-Dos by a user, due date, and category. Categories allow creating To-Dos for specific topics, e.g., Support, Sales, Urgency, and so forth.

Helpmonks to-do lists for teams

Not only can you create a To-Do, but users can also comment on each item with a convenient commenting option. The commenting functionality lets you and your team have a finer-grained conversation on a specific topic. While “comments” aka “notes” are a substantial part of an email in your Helpmonks shared inbox, they tend to be general and might not always be of interest to all members of a shared mailbox. In this case, a To-Do might serve the purpose better primarily, as one does not need to assign the whole conversation to a user.

We think that the new To-Do lists for teams will become a substantial part of you and your team as they are easy to create and allow for fine-grained control of all the steps that your team might need to do before getting back to the email sender. The use-cases where we see the benefit of a To-Do Manager right in your Helpmonks shared inbox are endless.

The To-Do Manager works on mobile devices as well, so you can see them in one central location on the go. On your mobile, you will have access to the To-Do’s right next to the global mailbox icon.

To-Do lists for teams is already available for every user in Helpmonks that has the “BLISS” plan. The To-Do Manager works

We can’t overstate the importance of the To-Do Manager in your Helpmonks shared inbox and are looking forward to any feedback.

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