Why workflows will change your team's email habits

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Helpmonks just became even more useful with the new Workfow feature. With workflows you can manage the flow of your team’s email even better.

Let us take the example from our working example. Harry wants to automatically assign emails with a subject containing “bow” to Denise McCort, and add a note to them as well.

Using a workflow all Harry needs to do is to select the condition “the email has the subject” and then the actions “assign user” and “add a note”.

From here on out all emails with a subject containing the word “bow” will be handled by this workflow.

While the above is quite a simple scenario, we have gone out of our way to turn the workflow into a powerful ally for managing your team’s email even further. One of my favorite conditions is the “Service Level Agreement (SLA)” condition. Using this condition, a business support team can automatically flag, label, or set reminders on incoming emails of customers that have a contractual response time in their SLA. No more missed deadlines and more happy customers.

Another condition the workflow can react to is the amount of time since the last reply from the customer, or your internal team. With tools like this you can help throttle the amount of time that your team is spending with different clients. This can be a powerful tool in following up with sales initiatives as well.

Last but not least, we’ve added an action to call an external URL that will send the entire email conversation to your defined URL. Using this action you can integrate your own software with Helpmonks. The external URL action also plays nicely with our previously outlined strategy of Helpmonks plugins and integrations with an external system.

We believe that workflows are such a useful feature that we want everyone to enjoy managing team email better using it. And because it is such a key feature, workflows are a core part of Helpmonks and comes at no additional cost to every Helpmonks account.

Keeping Communication Streamlined Our promise with HelpMonks is to keep your communication streamlined. HelpMonks will be invisible to your employees, boost team productivity and feel personal to your customers.

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