How Helpmonks plugins make your team happy

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Recently we noticed many of our competitors and partners are talking about email management, and how their email solutions integrate with their client’s workflows. However, at Helpmonks we believe that dictating the user’s workflow is inflexible and forces the user to change an established workflow within an organization in order to work to an email management solution.

We believe that an application, should help you to do your work better and not burden you with additional steps. Especially, when it comes to email, people have a hard time changing how they handle it or how they reply to it, therefore systems that require the user to remember to cc/bcc the system are doomed to fail.

From the very beginning, Helpmonks positioned itself as an email solution for shared inboxes for teams. The goal of Helpmonks is not to replace your ticketing system, Helpdesk or CRM but instead to compliment your existing stack. Contrary to our competitors we don’t want to force you into giving up your current tools for an email only solution.

Instead, the approach we have taken is to provide an integration layer so that Helpmonks can integrate seamlessly with all your existing software products (e.g., Github, Trello, Zendesk, & others).

What do we mean by “Integration”?

We mean that Helpmonks seamlessly becomes part of your software ecosystem by sharing and managing email and related data with your existing software stack.

For example, using our Github plugin you are able to create a Github issue from a single click of a link which appears on the email details page. Helpmonks then displays a link to your Github issue in the right pane, where you can quickly jump to the issue page in Github.

And vice-versa, the Github issue page then contains a link back to the email conversation in Helpmonks.

From the above example, we hope to share our vision of how Helpmonks can be used with your existing software stack. By adding HelpMonks it is very easy to keep both your team and client updated on the status of ongoing activity, be it a bug fix, a sales call or marketing effort.

More plugins coming soon

We are planning to have more plugins available soon. Some of the products we are planning to integrate with are Jira, Zendesk, Trello, Basecamp, just to name a few.

If you have any specific product in mind please do let us know.

The Helpmonks plugin architecture

These integrations are being made possible with the Helpmonks plugin architecture. This plugin architecture will be open and available for everyone to use. Since Helpmonks is built with node.js everyone with knowledge of Javascript is welcomed to create plugins for Helpmonks as well.

Keeping Communication Streamlined

Our promise with HelpMonks is to keep your communication streamlined. HelpMonks will be invisible to your employees, boost team productivity and feel personal to your customers.

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