Top 10 Tools for Email Marketing Campaigns

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The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Some marketing channels and trends come and go, while others stick around and remain effective. Email marketing has been a mainstay of the marketing industry since the 1970s and is still going strong today, generating more than $10 billion in revenue this year alone.

Email campaigns are an effective way to deliver valuable information to your target audience about your brand and its offerings. They allow businesses to create personalized content, collect feedback, and increase sales.

But poorly executed email campaigns suffer low subscriber growth and retention, spam complaints, and low open and click-through rates. Email marketing tools help you avoid these problems and maximize the success of your campaigns.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about email marketing tools, including our top 10 picks that will take your campaigns to the next level.

What Can Email Marketing Tools Do?

Email marketing tools are software platforms designed to streamline and enhance the process of crafting, sending, and managing professional email campaigns. Advanced email tools also let you move from multichannel marketing to omnichannel marketing to give customers a consistent brand experience.

Here's what email marketing tools can do for your organization:

Alert Customers About New Products and Services

Self-promotion to existing clients and prospects is essential when you launch new products and services. But spreading the word can be challenging, especially if recipients have not opted in to receive these updates.

Email tools allow you to promote new offerings since recipients have already opted in to receive such emails. Targeting is vital to generating buzz for new products and services. Email marketing software automatically segments your subscriber lists and sends emails to the right audience.

You can send subscribers valuable resources, such as the key features of your new offerings, to help them make an informed purchase decision. Alternatively, you can create a campaign to build anticipation before the launch or motivate contacts to pre-order.

Spread Awareness About Promos and Competitions

Everyone loves a good deal or the chance to win something for free, and there's no better way to increase your brand's visibility than a good promotional campaign. But promos and competitions can only be successful if there's great publicity. One of the best ways to boost your promos is with email marketing.

Email marketing tools are powerful for spreading awareness and publicity for your company's offerings. These tools help you reach your target audience through personalized and visually appealing emails. They also enable mobile-friendly designs, A/B testing, and automated workflows, allowing you to optimize your campaigns.

With email marketing tools, you can add social sharing buttons to your promo emails. These will encourage your recipients to share your promotions and competitions on their social media platforms, which will extend your reach.

Promote Your Company's Blog

A blog lets you publish and post content that boosts your brand by increasing your visibility and reach online, which might translate to new customers. It also helps generate traffic while showing your authority and expertise on industry-related topics. Still, people are not guaranteed to find the content you publish on your blog via organic search.

If you're having challenges attracting readership for your blog, email marketing tools can help you draw traffic and give visibility to your content. Regularly sharing your blog posts via email keeps your audience engaged and informed. Subscribers who might not regularly visit your website will stay updated on all your latest content.

Email tools have audience segmentation capabilities, which automatically categorize your followers into smaller groups based on their behavior and preferences. This enables you to write content that's relevant and engaging to drive more sales and leads.

Automate Your Sending Process

Manual email campaigns require you to be hands-on and send emails one by one, which is time-consuming. Email marketing tools can automate and streamline the sending process. Email automation lets your campaign run in the background while you concentrate on other valuable tasks.

Automating the sending process can help boost open rates. You can schedule emails to go out when recipients are most likely to open them. Most people open their emails between 9 and 12 AM, so you can schedule your emails to reach readers at this time, regardless of their time zone.

Create Customer Loyalty

Email marketing tools enable you to send personalized messages to all customers - old and new. They also offer customer analytics that helps refine targeting, adding a personal touch to every email. With email marketing software, you maximize the potential of new or existing customer loyalty programs.

Sending personalized messages that match your subscribers' interests will grow your customer lifetime value. Sending customers tailored messages rather than generic offers or promotions increases loyalty by making them feel seen and valued.

With the right email tool, you can also keep customers engaged between purchases. Satisfied customers often like to stay updated when you add new products or services. Sending them regular loyalty emails with rewards and incentives encourages them to buy again.

Top 10 Best Tools for Email Marketing Campaigns

With so many email tools on the market, you may be overwhelmed trying to pick the ideal solution for your business. Luckily, we're here to help! Below is a list of the 10 best email marketing tools to consider using to improve and manage your campaigns.

1. Helpmonks

Helpmonks - all-in-one email marketing platform

Helpmonks is a smart, omnichannel email marketing platform designed to help you grow your customer base. This platform has built-in software that enables you to create free landing pages within minutes to grow your subscriber list. These landing pages are fully responsive, and you can use them immediately. The best part? You don't need to know how to code to create them yourself.

One of Helpmonks' outstanding features is that it stores sales and marketing data centrally. This streamlines collaboration within your teams. It will also speed up the process of your customers moving from the awareness phase to the buying phase.

Main Features
  • Email campaigns: Helpmonks' all-in-one customer engagement suite allows sales, support, and marketing teams to collaborate. This breaks down barriers, letting everyone pitch in for the campaign's success.
  • Email templates: Choose from a large gallery of predesigned email templates. You can personalize these templates to suit your business needs.
  • Email sequences: This tool lets you create email drip campaigns such as welcome series and abandoned cart series. These email series keep customers aware and engaged throughout their buying journey, improving retention rates.
  • Drag & drop builder: With this feature, you don't need coding or design skills to craft winning emails. Helpmonks' simple drag-and-drop interface eases the process of adding social media buttons, images, and design elements.
  • Built-in email validation: Invalid email addresses hurt your marketing campaigns, but it's impossible to validate all emails manually. This built-in first-class email verification service verifies your contacts constantly, increasing your delivery rates.
Best For

Helpmonks is best for large and small businesses looking to eliminate silos in their sales and marketing processes. Its strong email analytics make it ideal for all email marketers who need to adjust their campaigns in real-time.

2. Omnisend

Helpmonks - Omnisend competitor

Omnisend is an e-commerce email marketing and SMS platform that automates emails and SMS to help you collect, convert, and retain new customers. This platform offers customizable email templates, allowing you to create email campaigns without having any technical experience.

Omnisend saves you the hassle of running separate tools for email and SMS campaigns. This platform integrates email and SMS, making it easy to track the effectiveness of both campaigns. Pro plan users get free SMS credits for personalized, omnichannel messaging.

Main Features
  • Campaign booster: This feature automatically resends unopened emails so readers who missed them the first time can see them, boosting open rates.
  • A/B testing: You can measure which version of an email performs better and optimize future campaigns based on your audience's preferences.
  • Segmentation: This platform's unlimited segments allow precise targeting. These segments update in real-time based on your audience's shopping behavior, campaign activity, and interactions with your business.
  • One-click store integrations: Omisend integrates with hundreds of e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix.
  • Campaign automation: Pre-built automation, such as welcome and post-purchase series, makes it easy to get your campaign up and running.
Best For

Omnisend provides 24/7 customer support. This makes it ideal for first-time users who need help getting started. The platform is also great for businesses that want to run email and SMS campaigns concurrently and test performance during and after the campaigns.

3. Mailchimp

Helpmonks - Mailchimp competitor

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing automation and email marketing platform. This platform is designed to help you get more clicks, opens, and sales.

Mailchimp's most outstanding feature is the customer journey builder. This feature sets up automation that triggers emails based on a customer's journey, enabling you to convert customers at scale.

It also offers pre-built journeys. These journeys enable you to recover abandoned carts, re-engage existing customers, cross-sell products, and win new customers. You can send personalized messages based on a customer's chat interactions, survey responses, buying behavior, and support tickets.

Main Features
  • Omnichannel campaign manager: The platform's all-in-one omnichannel manager integrates with over 300 marketing and e-commerce tools. This makes it easy to manage all your marketing data in one place.
  • AI tool: Mailchimp's AI tool analyzes hundreds of data points and gives you suggestions to help you craft better emails. You can use this tool to generate professional and on-brand marketing emails.
  • Reporting and analytics: This feature integrates with everyday marketing and e-commerce software and gives you powerful insights to help optimize your campaigns.
  • Onboarding services: Subscriptions include live, hands-on, guided support from an onboarding specialist to help you get up and running.
  • Segmentation: Target customers based on their interests and behaviors so you can send them messages that resonate with them.
Best For

Mailchimp is best for businesses wanting to automate all their marketing strategies, including social media marketing. It is also ideal for those looking to scale and integrate AI to create content for everyday marketing.

4. Brevo

Helpmonks - Brevo competitor

Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is an email, SMS, and WhatsApp platform that enables businesses to build customer relationships. This email tool uses landing pages and signup forms to help you grow your email list. It also offers unlimited storage space for your email contacts, ensuring you don't lose them along the way.

One of Brevo's distinctive features is inbound parsing. This feature sorts emails that recipients are meant to reply to, even when they come from a no-reply address. This eases reply flow and improves the user experience.

Main Features
  • Email API: Brevo's API sends 120,000 emails in a minute, making it easy to deliver emails on time. This API also enables high deliverability for triggered and time-sensitive emails.
  • Variety of touchpoints: Aside from email and SMS marketing, Brevo offers WhatsApp campaigns, live chat, and chatbots, expanding your reach and offering 24/7 customer support.
  • Personalization: Personalize pre-built transactional templates with products, customer names, and prices to create contextual customer interactions.
  • Drag & drop editor: This platform's drag and drop editor helps you customize email templates with your brand's log and other features effortlessly.
  • Fast setup: Developer guides, code recipes, API libraries, and SDKs make it easy to set up your platform without professional guidance.
  • Easy CMS integration: Brevo integrates with major CMS tools, including plugins. This makes it easy to gain insight into audience behaviors and preferences.
Best For

Brevo is best for businesses of all sizes who want to expand their marketing channels to be relevant in today's modern age. It's also great for companies who send emails on a large scale.

5. Drip

Helpmonks - Drip competitor

Drip is a customer-centric email marketing platform that helps businesses understand their customers better and grow their audience to drive sales. This tool helps businesses nurture customer relationships through personalized, multichannel, and automated marketing.

Drip stores your store data and uses it for deep segmentation. This segmentation informs your email marketing strategies, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Main Features
  • Automation: Once you set daily marketing tasks, the platform enables you to run an evergreen, multichannel campaign on autopilot.
  • Segmentation: Drip builds engagement and behavior-based segments using data from your store. This helps you understand your audience's traits so you can set campaigns that suit them.
  • Popup campaigns: The platform's drag-and-drop feature lets you set up onsite (popup) campaigns that guide visitors and help you connect with them away from the inbox.
  • Email templates: These ready-made templates make crafting and sending engaging emails easy. You can schedule them, and the platform will deliver them on time.
  • Insights: Detailed dashboards show you the full impact of your email campaigns and let you adjust and improve them.
Best For

Drip is best for companies who use e-commerce email marketing as it is designed to integrate with your store.

6. ActiveCampaign

Helpmonks - ActiveCampaign competitor

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM tool designed to help you create excellent customer experiences. This platform combines marketing, sales, and e-commerce capabilities to enhance how your company captures, evaluates, and engages potential leads.

The platform's automation capabilities allow you to deliver timely, compelling, and personalized messages to your audience. You can also automate tasks of any size and send leads to the right team at the right time, guaranteeing customers a unified experience.

Main Features
  • Drag & drop email designer: You don't need technical knowledge to create campaigns on this platform. The drag-and-drop email designer lets you create appealing campaigns in minutes.
  • Segmentation: This platform's segmentation and dynamic content capabilities help you send targeted and customized emails to the right audience segments.
  • Email autoresponders: This feature lets you get in touch with leads right away. Depending on the customer's actions, the autoresponder will send welcome emails, a welcome series, or lead magnets.
  • Subscription forms: These forms help you grow your email list by collecting crucial customer information across multiple channels.
  • Reporting: The reporting feature shows you which campaigns are performing best. Then, you can use split testing to increase opens, clicks, and purchases.
Best For

ActiveCampaign is best for companies looking for a tool that offers all-in-one sales and marketing automation.

7. GetResponse

Helpmonks - GetResponse competitor

GetResponse is an email marketing service that helps you grow your list and automate communication. This software also offers marketing automation, e-commerce marketing, and website-building capabilities.

GetResponse offers personalized tools for different types of clients, including entrepreneurs, large organizations, marketing managers, and online marketers.

Its email marketing software has an intuitive design with free templates that you can select and customize. This tool allows you to build and curate your own template library for easy access. You can enhance your email templates with free images and GIFs from within the tool.

Main Features
  • Email campaigns: You can create different email campaigns on this platform, including autoresponders, newsletters, and transactional emails. You can also create automated blog digests to increase your posts' reach.
  • Drag & drop email creator: This lets you use layouts and sections to build your email messages and preview the designs on mobile and desktop. You can view setup and scheduling details in one place.
  • AI email generator: GetResponse has a GPT-powered email generator that optimizes subject lines and emails based on keywords to boost open and click rates.
  • Segmentation: The platform has smart segmentation capabilities that build custom audience segments based on subscriber data. It automatically segments your email list as it grows and enables you to create content that caters to audience preferences.
  • A/B testing: Actively test and optimize your email's content. You can test subject lines, calls-to-action, or image layouts to determine what works best for different audience segments.
Best For

GetResponse is ideal for companies of all sizes looking for a feature-rich yet easy-to-use email marketing platform.

8. Zoho Campaigns

Helpmonks - Zoho competitor

Zoho Campaigns is an email service provider designed to help businesses send bulk emails. This software automatically delivers contextually driven messages to audiences at the right time. It has dynamic personalization capabilities with a simple drag-and-drop editor that you can use to change images, email messages, or CTAs.

With Zoho, you can make your emails more engaging by adding interactive elements like polls, GIFs, images, surveys, and videos. It also lets you track where every customer is in their customer journey so you can tailor communication to each customer's needs.

Main Features
  • Email template builder: Zoho has over 240 templates that suit all businesses. The platform also lets you build and save your own templates.
  • Signup forms: Create customized signup forms that suit your business's needs. This tool has predesigned and responsive form templates. The form editor lets you change the background color, edit calls-to-action, or change the text.
  • Contact management: Add and track contact progress to deliver personalized messages that lead to conversions.
  • Optimize email send time: This feature schedules emails to reach recipients at their optimal open time, helping you achieve high open rates.
  • Campaign management: Zoho offers centralized designing, approval, and organization of all content, ensuring your marketing campaigns are streamlined and properly executed.
Best For

Zoho Campaigns is ideal for large businesses looking for an integrated email marketing platform that enables them to send emails in bulk.

9. Mailjet

Helpmonks - Mailjet competitor

Mailjet is an email delivery service for developers and marketing teams. It enables teams to create email marketing campaigns, automated emails, and newsletters without coding. Like most email campaign tools, it has email templates that you can edit to incorporate your brand's identity and personal touch.

This software makes sending personalized and targeted messages effortless. It has dynamic sections that you can use to send single campaigns that display different messages depending on the reader. It also groups subscribers based on similar behaviors and interests, allowing you to send personalized messages and collect deep audience insights.

Main Features
  • Email verification: This feature checks if the email addresses on your list are real before sending anything. This prevents your emails from ending up in the spam folder or staying unopened.
  • Email editor: This drag-and-drop editor lets you edit predesigned templates and add brand content, videos, and images. These templates are responsive and optimized for viewing across all screens.
  • Collaboration: You can create emails on the email editor with your team and exchange reviews and comments in real-time.
  • Integrations: This tool integrates with various CRM, CMS, e-commerce, and marketing platforms to help you customize your email program to your needs.
  • Insights: Tracks, monitors, and analyzes customer engagement and email deliverability in real time to help you make data-driven decisions about your email strategy.
Best For

Mailjet is best for marketers and developers looking for an easy-to-set-up platform with a good delivery system.

10. ConvertKit

Helpmonks - ConvertKit competitor

ConvertKit is a marketing hub for creators looking for an effortless way to grow and monetize their target audiences. The platform's email templates allow clutter-free writing and have styling options that let you add buttons, videos, and images.

With this tool, you don't need to create a new mailing list every time you launch a new campaign. The platform lets you add tags and segments to your current list. This helps you understand your audience better and makes targeting easier.

Main Features
  • Landing pages: Get free, pre-designed landing pages with customizable content to capture audience attention even without a website.
  • Signup forms: These unlimited signup forms help you grow your list. You can add freebies to the forms to help you collect data for your list.
  • Creator network: Scale your newsletter without performing time-consuming tasks such as posting on social media. This creator network allows you to recommend and be recommended by other creators to grow your list.
  • Email designer: ConvertKit lets you design simple and beautiful templates from their premade templates. These templates are responsive on any device, and you can create your own library.
Best For

ConvertKit is a good option for your business if you're looking to grow subscribers for your email newsletter.


The right email marketing campaign tool helps you grow your list and retain subscribers. It also helps ensure that no leads slip through the cracks by answering common questions with automated responses.

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