Powerful new features for email marketing now available

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Many customers have taken to our Email Marketing Platform in Helpmonks, especially as all the tools for doing so are freely available.

If you haven't explored the "Engage" section in your Helpmonks account, please take a moment to do so now. "Engage" covers Live Chat and Email Campaigns. You can send email newsletters or opt to create an entirely automated email series (email automation, aka email drip campaign). That's right. You got now email marketing tools at your disposal that you probably pay extra for. Say goodbye to Mailchimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, and Co.

In case you've missed the announcements, the launch of the Email Marketing Platform is here, and the availability of Email Automation here.

Following up with the demand for our email marketing platform, we are excited to announce the following new features and enhancements:

New: Actions for your automated emails, aka Email Drip Campaign

While everyone knows that email automation is a powerful tool, you may send a series of emails only to realize that your user isn't interacting with your content. That's where actions come into play.

Actions allow you to fine-tune your email sequences next steps, depending on your recipient's activities. For instance, you can create actions if the client clicked, or didn't click, on a link in your message. In this case, you might skip the following message in your email sequence or even move the subscriber to another email campaign.

We've made sure to cover the most common activities and added over nine different actions to choose from. You can even execute multiple actions at once. The addition of "Actions" makes email automation campaigns in Helpmonks a potent tool for your sales and marketing activities.

Actions for email automation campaign

New: Form-Builder

Adding contacts to your email campaigns has never been easier than with the new Form-Builder. Create a form in Helpmonks, set your fields, upload your logo, and copy & paste the HTML into your website.

Upon submit, the email address is (optionally) added to an email campaign, has a new label, or sent to your mailbox.

You can further enhance the form by using it as a popup window and select when it should appear, e.g., after a specific time or upon exit intent. Besides, you are free to change the form according to your style.

You can also use it to create a contact form that sends a message to your mailbox directly and tag the contact simultaneously. It's a simple but potent tool that is now available free of charge to all users.

Create forms directly in Helpmonks

Enhanced: Distribution Lists

Distribution lists, aka mailing lists or audiences, are at the heart of your email newsletters. Within Helpmonks, you can create as many distribution lists as you require. While maintaining a mailing list usually involves importing your contacts, we thought we could do better than that.

Just as previously, you can add contact with a specific label or if they belong to a particular company. However, now you can opt to automatically keep the list updated. That means adding or removing a label from the contact will also add/remove the user to the distribution list.

It's quite a time-saver, and we are excited to make this available now.

Automated distribution lists

Enhanced: Contact Import

Speaking of contacts, we always supported importing with a CSV file. However, sometimes you don't have enough information or the time to go the extra length to create a CSV file first.

That's why we've added a new option to copy & paste email addresses into a text area and optionally add labels.

Import contacts with ease

What's next?

Our new reports are almost done and ready. We should have news for you shortly. Furthermore, with all the latest tools, we are working on a new design for Helpmonks.

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