New in Helpmonks: Live-Chat & Email Marketing Platform

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Helpmonks Engage – the Email Marketing Platform – consisting of a Live-Chat and an Email Campaign tool, is now available. With Live-Chat, you have the option to solve customer requests in real-time on any site, while the Email Campaign tool enables you to send out newsletters or even automated follow-ups.

While Helpmonks started with a shared inbox, it quickly became a collaboration solution that included emails, customer relationships, and many other parts. It’s only natural that we are trying to help our customers, small businesses, and large organizations alike to do an even better job in their sales funnels.

With that in mind, we came up with the idea to provide the Live-Chat and Email Campaign toolkit for every customer on every plan. Hence, we are pleased to announce that the Engage Email Marketing toolkit is available on any plan level.

In essence, Helpmonks is the only shared inbox solution on the market that includes both a Live-Chat and an Email Campaign software.

Live-Chat on every site

With Live-Chat enabled on your site, you will be able to provide real-time customer support on any website or app you own. With Groups, you will be able to customize the Live-Chat for each site further. As with Helpmonks, there is no limit to the number of user agents available. Once a conversation has finished, the chat transcript will arrive in your shared inbox, complete with user data and other relevant data to complete the user profile.

Engage Live-Chat on any site

Furthermore, your agents will appreciate the saved text snippets to reply to the customer efficiently. Moreover, we’ve included real-time visitor statistics and detailed reports.

Lastly, the Targeted Chats & Triggers enabled you to interact with your customers, e.g., depending on the time they spent on your site, what page they are on, what browser they use, and so forth.

Email Campaigns

On the other hand, the Email Campaigns tool allows you to send transaction Email Campaigns to your customers. You can create two kinds of Campaigns; One-Time or automated Campaigns.

You might be familiar with these kinds of marketing automation tools or even use one already from familiar names like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or Constant Contact. However, true to the nature of Helpmonks, you do not need an additional tool (and pay additionally) when using the Helpmonks Engage Campaign software.

Creating a campaign can be as simple as selecting your customers by labels (remember you can label your customers?), selecting an email template from our gallery, creating a catchy subject line, and send the email.

Engage Email Campaigns

Best of all, every customer contains a complete history of your interactions. As such, every email, every chat, and every email campaign is recorded and provides invaluable insight into your next business decisions.

We’ve been working on the Email Marketing Platform for many months. We believe it accomplishes our vision of Helpmonks to be a tool that enables you to get a holistic view of all interactions with your customers. We hope you enjoy and use the Engage Email Marketing toolkit as much as we had developing it.

Helpmonks Engage is already active in your account, and you should see the new Engage menu on top (if not, please sign out and back in).

We will start releasing some more information, including videos, in the coming days. If you need some help or want a quick walk-through, please schedule a meeting. We’ll be happy to show you everything.

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