New workflow added to further control the flow of your team emails

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In today’s Helpmonks release we also added a new workflow condition that we think will benefit many of our customers.

As of immediately you can add a workflow condition that checks for new emails that arrive within a certain time frame. Aptly, the new condition is called “arrives within the hours of”.

Once you set the condition, Helpmonks will check any incoming email from customers for the matching condition and will execute the set actions. All actions of the workflow are available, i.e. you can automatically send a auto-reply, assign the conversation, set a reminder or use one of our plugins to get notified in Slack or HipChat.

As we have many international customers, the new condition is smart enough to take the different time zones into consideration.

We believe this new addition to the workflow will help our customers further to control the flow of team emails.

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