Get notified of new emails in HipChat from Helpmonks

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We are excited to announce the newest member to the growing Helpmonks plugin family — the Helpmonks HipChat plugin.

With the HipChat plugin enabled your team can be notified in any HipChat room on incoming messages. However, to control the flow of notifications the HipChat plugin is tightly integrated into the workflow. This is great for those important emails from customers with a service level agreement.

The HipChat plugin is already available to all users of Helpmonks.

More plugins coming soon

We are planning to have more plugins available soon. Some of the products we are planning to integrate with are Slack, Jira, Zendesk, Trello, Basecamp, just to name a few.

All features of Helpmonks are built with the direct input of you, our users. If you would like to see a plugin for a product please do let us know on our public development board.

The Helpmonks plugin architecture

All plugins are being made possible by the Helpmonks plugin architecture. This plugin architecture is open and available for everyone to use. Since Helpmonks is built with node.js everyone with knowledge of Javascript is welcomed to create plugins for Helpmonks as well.

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