It's here: Change the TO on any conversation

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We are excited to announce that one of the most requested options is finally available in Helpmonks, i.e. you can now change the “TO” in the web app itself.

As changing the “TO” of any email conversation thread has some impact on the history and email flow, we tried to be as smart about it as possible. Meaning, when you change the “TO”, not all of the conversations will be changed, but only the current and future replies when you make the change. Thus, still providing a history of the entire conversation with your customer.

Helpmonks changing the “TO”

Additionally, you can type any email address in the “TO” field and if the customer does not exist, Helpmonks will add it to the customer database for you.

Once you change the “TO” your team members will be notified of the change by email and a note will also be there to show you that you have changed the “TO”.

Helpmonks customer panel

Use the customer panel on the right side to see the conversation details of the email.

The panel displays who started the conversation and with whom the conversation is happening.

Just as before, when you click on the user, you will see all the email conversation with that user plus other relevant information.

The option to change the “TO”, is the 5th major new enhancement to Helpmonks in 2016. The other new options since the start of 2016 were “Adding a new label from the label drop down menu”, “Major performance improvement for rendering of email”, “Parsing of email forwarding” and “starting a new conversation from within your email client”.

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