Send a new message from your shared inbox in your email client

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So far, you had to use the Helpmonks web app to send out a new message from your shared mailbox address. As of today, you now have an additional method where you can create new messages right from within your email client.

To do this, you use the almighty email commands with the new “#new” command to create the new message.

For example, to send a new message coming from your mailbox address you would create a new message in your email client to your mailbox address, e.g. On the first line of the message add the command “#new” (replace the with the intended recipient). Write your message to the customer on a new line below the command and send it off.

Your customer will receive the message from, just as if you had created the message from within the Helpmonks web app.

This is just one of the new integration features coming your way in the new year. Stay tuned for more updates. This is the year to bring a (affordable) shared inbox to everyone!

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