More power to email forwarding in Helpmonks

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As of immediately, any email you forward to a Helpmonks shared inbox will parse the header and will set the TO address to the email address you received the email from, i.e. when you reply to a forwarded email it will go out to the person who sent the email and not yourself anymore.

In order for this to work, your email client should include the “forwarding headers” in the body of the message. Those usually look something like:

— — — — — Forwarded message — — — — — 
From: Awesome company <>
Date: Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 3:18 PM
Subject: We are all awesome

Now with the example above, Helpmonks will parse the header and will correctly set the “TO” address on reply to

However, not all email clients will send a forwarding header. In this case you have the additional option to set the TO with the new “#setto (email command)” email command.

To do so, simply forward the message, but on the first line of the message include the email command #setto like so:

(here comes the forwarded message)

Helpmonks will see the #setto email command and will set the correct email address for you. If you then reply to the forwarded message, it will go out to

I know that this feature has been one of the most requested and we are happy to have this finally available in Helpmonks. Now, go ahead and be even more productive with Helpmonks!

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