How to delegate tasks right from your shared inbox

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As the year comes to an end, you might be looking into how to organize and delegate your team emails in your shared inbox more efficiently or, in general, want to tame the never-ending flow of emails finally.

To that end, we recently introduced the To-Do Manager for shared mailboxes in Helpmonks. One of the significant benefits of a To-Do system right in your shared inbox solution is that everything is in one central system and accessible to all team members at any time.

To-Do lists for teams

Apart from the apparent functionalities, you might also find it handy that the To-Dos are accessible from any page within Helpmonks, be it on the desktop or on your mobile device (speaking of mobile devices, have you installed Helpmonks on your phone yet?).

Besides, by adding a To-Do and assign the task to a team member, you are not assigning the email conversation itself, but only the specific task. Hence you are still the person in charge, and the possibility of “forgetting” to get back on an email is drastically reduced.

Here at Helpmonks, we are making it a habit to build features that we also use. I’ve been using the To-Do Manager in the early stages and have organized all my Tasks with it. As the Helpmonks To-Do allows me also to add private tasks and arrange them in Categories, it entirely replaced my previous Task Manager, which was ToDoIst.

If you are already using Helpmonks with the “BLISS” plan I encourage you to look into the option of utilizing the To-Do Manager together with your team. If you don’t have a Helpmonks account, then head over to the Helpmonks website and sign up for a free 30-day trial now.

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