Helpmonks Update: Things we've added in the recent weeks

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We’ve been busy here at Helpmonks and enhanced your email collaboration platform with many useful features. Without further ado, here are some of the most notable ones:

User settings

There is now an account-wide setting available to set the expiration time for your users. Also, we’ve added a permission setting for you to disable viewing the performance reports for users. On top of that, and this is primarily for our customers with over 50 employees, you can now use the search to find a user quickly.


Previously, when you received a reply from your client, the reminder still got executed afterward. We think that this just caused more confusion than being helpful. Hence we changed the behavior of a reminder now that when a reply arrives any reminder of the conversation will get removed. However, for those who like to keep the reminder, we provided the option to save the reminder.


While the email list automatically updates, we’ve added a “refresh” button for those impatient ones. Besides, we now take you to the conversation directly, instead of the popup window we used. We’ve also fixed some pesky bugs that updated the selections automatically, or the read/unread status didn’t work as expected.

Speaking of the Dashboard, you can now also see all your reminders on the Dashboard with the newly added “Reminders” status.

News Section

We’ve entirely re-factored our news section. Instead of just showing you one news popover, the news slides out from the right, and you can browse the stories right there. If you have your own Helpmonks server, you can also create your announcements along with ours.


The notifications also got a lot of love in the last couple of weeks. To help distinguish between them, we’ve added a unique color to each notification. Furthermore, we simplified them and made them easier to read.

Short ID / Ticket Number

The “Short-ID” is now more visible in the message detail. Also, you have the option to show the “Short-ID” in the email list. Last but not least, you can now also search by the “Short-ID”.


While we have many more ideas on how to handle attachments, we changed slightly on how to view attachments in Helpmonks now. Instead of just opening a new window and prompting you to download (depending on the browser setting) you will now first see the attachment in an inline window. From there you can choose to download the file. Of course, the option to download all attachments at once is still available in the right attachment panel.


  • The user list shows now the Avatars.
  • We’ve re-designed the notification when someone is viewing or replying to a message.
  • You can use a shortcut, “h a” to use the global compose window.
  • The desktop notifications text is now properly encoded.
  • There is now a new option to not include any previous replies in any outgoing emails, i.e., to Helpmonks users and emails to clients.
  • We updated the editor to the latest version which should fix issues with copy & paste from other applications.
  • We also added a brand new parsing engine in the backend which enhances the parsing of your emails. Also, we also added a new more secure way to display your messages within Helpmonks.

Next up

Many of you reached out and gave their feedback on the new Dashboard. We’ve gathered it all now, and we’ll make some changes to it real soon.

As mentioned above, we also want to make it easier for you to work with attachments and you should see some changes there soon too.

Lastly, our work on the “Groups / Teamwork” continuous on and should soon be available.

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