Helpmonks Release Notes July 2019

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Despite, the excessive heatwave, we released a lot of new features and updates to make your experience for your shared inbox even better. Notably, the most exciting update in July was the release of the Helpmonks Progressive Web App (PWA). Among other enhancements, we added a “Do not disturb” option, new filters for Notifications, updated loading animation, and Helpmonks in Dutch!

The Helpmonks Progressive Web App (PWA)

While we already outlined the benefits of the Helpmonks PWA. In case you haven’t done so, we encourage our users to install Helpmonks on their mobile devices (Android, iPhone/iPad) and the desktop. Installing Helpmonks will enhance your experience in your shared inbox manifold.

Do not disturb

While notifications can be beneficial, they are also a constant disturbance to get things done. For those who need to “get into the zone,” you can now use the new “Do not disturb” option to stop receiving any notifications. Simple as that.

Helpmonks – Do not disturb option


Speaking of notifications, we’ve added two new options. You can now filter your notifications (again). We’ve also added another setting that configures the notification for the tracking (previously, we’ve sent an information whenever the recipient viewed your email).

“Pending” received superpowers

Tagging a conversation with the “pending” status, helps you and your team understand what is going on. With the latest update, the “pending” status just got superpowers. Now, the “pending” status overview shows you the conversations according to the assignee. Additionally, the Dashboard will also show you the “pending” emails together with emails assigned to you. That is mighty helpful!

Helpmonks – Pending filter


The Dutch are great people. Friendly, social, and their cities are beautiful. If you have never been to Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you should visit. Like, book now! That said, we are happy to announce that Helpmonks is now also available in Dutch.

Skeleton loading

The month of July also marked the start of a more significant design overhaul. By now, you have seen that we’ve changed the loading animation and made several other design updates (more on this in the coming days in a separate post).

What’s next?

It’s already mid-August, and we have made some significant enhancements to Helpmonks, e.g., the brand new Dark Theme. Look out for exciting updates to come your way.

Why Helpmonks and why should I care?

Helpmonks is the only collaborate shared inbox solution that works across all email providers. Furthermore, you only pay by the mailbox and not by users. Moreover, Helpmonks is the only provider with a multi-deploy model. Run your shared inbox in your private cloud or on a dedicated cloud server that is fully managed by us. Check it out today and do not get locked in.

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