Shared inbox platform that works with every email service provider

Helpmonks works with Gmail, Outlook, Office365, i.e., with any email platform.

Helpmonks works with basic email protocols ensuring integration with all email clients, even email clients yet to be built. No complicated ticket system here.

A great customer experience for emails

Helpmonks works wherever you are with any email account

Manage your team emails. Organize and prioritize emails by assigning them to team members, archiving important conversations or closing completed inquiries. Keep track of customers, companies and SLAs with built-in customer management tools.

Helpmonks works with your existing email providers and email accounts. Helpmonks does not replace; it complements your current email client to create a collaborative inbox.

It doesn't matter if your email provider is Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Rackspace, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange Server, or another IMAP mail server.

Forward your email to your Helpmonks shared inbox. We take care of the rest (this also works with Google Groups, any distribution list, or Helpdesk ticketing system). Your shared mailbox will become accessible to everyone on your team instantaneously, assuring a transparent service desk that saves time.

Read the shared inbox vs. email comparison or how we compare against Zendesk (or any other Support Ticketing System, for that matter).

Also, Helpmonks works with your email client

Update conversations directly in your shared inbox tools. Execute commands simply by replying to emails.

Harness the power of email commands to assign conversations to co-workers, set a reminder for yourself, or embed internal-only notes in the conversation for your team to view. All this from within your current email client.

It doesn't matter if you use a Gmail shared inbox, an Outlook account, or a Microsoft business email account. Helpmonks does its magic behind the scenes, fully transparent to you and your customers. You can even add Service Level Agreements to each email address, so your team stays on top of urgent customer requests.

Email commands are the secret sauce that lets you work with Helpmonks wherever you are. Be it on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, or Linux, Helpmonks works universally on any platform.

See a list of all features or read about our shared inbox email management approach with Helpmonks.

Intelligent email management. Embed internal notes directly into email conversations, only visible to you and your team members, never to the customer. Set individual email reminders, to ensure replying in a timely manner. Additionally, create workflow rules to automatically prioritize and manage incoming email messages. See how you can benefit from email management.
Helpmonks works on every platform and on every mobile device

Helpmonks can be used on your desktop or mobile device.

Helpmonks uses the latest web technologies and is available on every platform and device.

Helpmonks can be installed as an application on your Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, or Linux desktop. Furthermore, Helpmonks works on your Android, iPhone, and iPad too.

Moreover, Helpmonks offers the same functionality, independent of which platform or device you and your team use. You will always have the same experience and always see the same results. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your customers are human. Treat them as humans in your replies. That's how customer support emails should be.

Don’t burden your customers with your internal numbers that your ticketing system requires.

With the Helpmonks customer engagement platform, your customer won't get a generic email with a support ticket number or be forced to sign into a ticketing system to track an issue. Your customers won't even know that you are using a shared mailbox from Helpmonks.

See why so many teams have taken to working with Helpmonks to build a better customer experience.

Efficient customer support by email.

Helpmonks lets you be in control

IMAP sync. Store all outgoing messages on your mail server with Helpmonks team emails

Your emails belong to your organization. That's why Helpmonks comes with built-in security features.

Protect your users by enabling Two-Factor (2-step) Authentication. Additionally, Helpmonks supports authentication with hardware keys such as those from Yubikey.

Helpmonks also supports Single-Sign-On (oAuth) and SAML authentication. Our oAuth authentication allows you to embed Helpmonks into your software stack.

Finally, with IMAP sync, all your emails will automatically be stored on your email server.

See why organizations choose to use Helpmonks.

Trusted by over 2,000 organizations with millions of emails

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed
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Helpmonks, the best thing since sliced bread
Excellent option for collaborating email amongst your team
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