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With today’s update, we are releasing a brand new version of our editor. The editor brings faster performance, an optimized interface, and our new saved replies search and grouping feature.

The first thing you notice when you compose a new email the next time in Helpmonks is that you have an optimized toolbar with the most used options, e.g., insert attachments, add images, saved replies, etc. If you don’t see something, fret not; use the “three dots” to expand the toolbar.

In any case, we did not remove any existing functions but merely enhanced them or even added some new ones. In some cases, especially when editing anything in a popup window, we’ve optimized the editor further. Besides, you will appreciate the lightning-fast loading and use of the editor.

Speaking of enhancement, we are also introducing the new saved replies, which are now entirely integrated into the new editor with this release. Your saved responses are now grouped, and you can also search for your saved replies. Head over to the dedicated saved replies announcement to see what else is new.

While a new and updated editor is not the most exciting update, it’s nevertheless the one thing you interact with daily in Helpmonks. We are confident that this release will increase your productivity in your shared inbox even further.

As always, we welcome any feedback. Thank you for using Helpmonks.

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