The updated Saved Replies are here

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Some call them Canned Responses or Email-Templates; we call them Saved Replies. Whatever you call them, you will be happy to know that we’ve overhauled them now and added grouping and other features.

Besides, with today’s update to the new editor, you can search for saved replies directly while composing a new message or replying to an email.

The new saved replies admin panel

Just like before, you will have one panel to manage your saved replies. From here, you can copy them to other mailboxes, edit them, or create a new saved reply.

New is now that you can create Groups to organize your saved replies the way you want. Once you’ve created Groups, adding a saved reply is as easy as merely dragging them into the desired group. Groups are also available within editing or adding a saved reply.

Furthermore, the new “subject” option allows overwriting an email subject when you use the saved reply within a workflow. Each saved response will now show a quick preview to make it easier to see what you need at a glance. Moreover, Groups can be copied to other mailboxes, too. You can even select to copy all saved replies within a group to another mailbox for batch editing.

As mentioned above, we’ve also added a new integration for your saved replies in the new editor. Whereas before, we just showed you a simple dropdown with your saved responses, we’ve now changed this with the ability to browse your saved replies by Groups and with a convenient search.

We are very excited about the new saved reply functionality as we know that many have been waiting for this option.

The updated saved replies, together with the new editor, are now available in your Helpmonks account. The saved responses are open to all customers independent of their plan, and you can also create an unlimited amount of saved replies.

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