The To-Dos just got more useful

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Merely two weeks ago, we released the enhanced To-Dos, and we are already back with some more enhancements. A To-Do description, a new “Upcoming” list, and overall tweaks and improvements are now available.

As with any other tool in Helpmonks, the team here is using it daily, and therefore it’s no wonder that we receive daily suggestions. Some make it, and some don’t. Here are the ones that are now available in your To-Dos today.

Description and images

There is now a description field available for each To-Do. Also, you can copy & paste an image into the editor to add an image. The editor itself makes it easy to modify the picture further.

The new Upcoming list

The new Upcoming list is a great way to see all To-Dos with a due date. Drag & drop a To-Do to another date or use the dedicated schedule-zone to quickly change the due date of the To-Do.

Associating customer record

The To-Dos already associate with any email conversation, which provides a significant boost in productivity for your team. Think of assigning a task to one team member and another job to another team member, all while the email is still assigned to you.

Building on top of that, you can now also associate customer records to a To-Do. Associating customer records helps significantly with sales activities and other customer-related tasks. For example, you can use the Engage Email Marketing Platform to reach out to all customers with the label “Lead” and then use To-Dos to assign a follow-up call to individual team members.

The enhanced customer profile

Speaking of customer activities, we’ve also enhanced the individual customer profile pages with a new To-Do tab. Within, you will find all active To-Dos and also a history of past tasks.

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