Our no-nonsense approach to team email and a shared inbox

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At Helpmonks, we think email is a great communication tool.

I know that many proclaim “the end of emails.” However, I argue that we are far from it. For example, take Slack – one of many instant communication tools that try to replace email. Despite the high usage of those tools, email is still here. Quite the contrary, as we see a massive uptake for email platforms. After all, everybody knows that instant messaging is a total productivity killer. I couldn’t imagine being interrupted, ever so often to answer, someone’s question. And let’s be honest, those tools are used for other “messages” than the essential, i.e., the latest news or for some “team-spirit” a funny post of something.

Email on the other hand, allows you to read a message, think about the reply, and send it at your time. Apart from that, productivity gurus have long agreed that using a designated time for answering emails, is exceptionally productive and lets you get other work done. That is unless answering emails is your job.

Besides, for a workgroup, retention, and historical purposes, email is the perfect messaging tool. With a proper email platform system, an email becomes a wealth of information. It helps your team to help not only your customers but also get a better understanding of your customers.

The above is one of the reasons why we invest so much time and energy on making Helpmonks the undefeated email platform for your team.

Helpmonks is so much more than just an email platform. By using Helpmonks, you will not only control your team emails but also get an entire picture of your customers. You will see how many times they contact you, why they contact you, and so much more. Furthermore, your organization will finally be able to see how much time you spend and how effective you are in communicating with your customers.

Communication between team members is increased by assigning a conversation or by only leaving notes to each other. This collaborative approach to email, in turn, keeps your whole team in sync.

We have been thinking a lot about how we can continue our customers further and, to that end, will release our new Group / Workgroup feature in the coming days.

The Group functionality will take your team emails to the next level by unburdening individual team members and delegate email conversations to a group. Needless to say, but we think this will help our customers significantly. Make sure to read more about it in a few days or book a web-session now to see it in action.

The release of Groups in Helpmonks marks another milestone for us. However, we don’t stop here. We are already at work on “Helpmonks Engage” – an add-on for customer engagement with Live-Chat and email marketing.

Our mission is to provide the best email platform for teams. This strategy is also reflected in our pricing, as with Helpmonks, you can bring your whole team on-board without worrying about price explosion as Helpmonks’ pricing is based on the number of mailboxes and not per user.

Furthermore, we have editions with dedicated cloud servers and self-hosting. Moreover, we promise to keep your data safe at all times and never mine your emails or attachments.

So, there you have it, our approach to no-nonsense team email in your shared inbox. We are a passionate bunch of people who work hard every day, thinking about how we can help you to work more efficiently with your companies emails. Join us to see how it works.

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