A word on your privacy and security at Helpmonks

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Recently, we’ve been hearing more about data breaches and also of companies not taking enough care of their customer data. Maybe even more upsetting is that there are even businesses that make it a habit of scanning your data (emails, documents, and so forth) and selling your information.

It is abandonedly clear that those businesses do not have the customer in mind and operate to achieve short-term gains.

We, at Helpmonks, are disgusted by such business practices. Each of our clients is protected by our promise that we will never scan their emails or sell their information. Not only is this a promise, but within our company, only two people have access to the database and servers.

Our communication between our servers is done on private IP addresses and to further improve security we also use SSL/HTTPS connection internally.

Helpmonks — a collaborative platform for your shared mailbox(es) — has been developed in such a way that we never need to have access to your email account, be it for retrieving or for sending messages, i.e. Helpmonks can never access your account or make changes to your emails on your behalf.

That said, we even take the deployment of Helpmonks a step further, as being the only shared mailbox solution on the market to offer an on-premise edition of Helpmonks. The Helpmonks self-hosted edition gives you full control over your data and who can access it.

The Helpmonks self-hosted edition is one of the best-kept secrets of Helpmonks. While we cannot name customers (again we are dedicated to the privacy of our clients), we can share that in the last four months alone, the self-hosted edition has been deployed multiple times within Fortune 500 companies. Companies love that they can run a complete email collaboration platform on top of their shared mailbox(es) within their own network.

In addition, we also give our customers the option to deploy our email collaboration platform on a dedicated server with our Helpmonks cloud server edition. While this edition is not located within your network, you still get the privacy that your organization requires. Each Helpmonks cloud server is a reserved instance (dedicated server) just for you. On top of that, you will also get our full support for every aspect of the Helpmonks cloud server, i.e. we take care of the operating system and the software for you.

To summarize, independent of what edition of Helpmonks you use, you are being protected by our promise to never ever scan your email or share or sell information about you. Not only is this a promise, but we also protect our network and deployment with the best safety tools available.

Should you ever have a question about how we handle emails or feel that there is an issue please reach out to us at any time.

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