Non-profit organizations benefit significantly with a shared inbox

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Since the launch of Helpmonks over five years ago, we have been supporting non-profit organizations with our shared mailbox service – Helpmonks. In case you don’t know, any non-profit organization receives a 50% discount on any Helpmonks plan.

Today, we are proud and honored to say that many non-profit organizations use Helpmonks daily to manage their shared mailboxes, be it for customer support, planning, or to collaborate within the team with each other directly.

We understand, especially in these tried times, that running a non-profit organization can be a daunting task. Many of our non-profit customers use Helpmonks daily in remote locations around the world. For those remote workers, our constant effort, creating a faster and lighter experience in Helpmonks, is not only a feature but a requirement.

To that end, we are happy to say that many remote workers are taking to our Progressive Web Application (PWA) daily. In case you don’t know, a PWA is the same Helpmonks web app, but has the capabilities to be installed on your desktop and mobile devices. You can read more about it over at>.

BTW: you can install the Helpmonks Progressive Web App at any time, by visiting your Helpmonks account on your mobile device. Within Google Chrome, you will then get prompted to “Add Helpmonks to your home screen.” (if that doesn’t show, look in the menu bar for an icon). The same applies to the desktop Chrome browser, be it on macOS, Windows, Linux, or ChromeOS.

In closing, I would like to thank all non-profit organizations that are using Helpmonks daily. If you are a non-profit and would like to take to a shared inbox approach for your email management, sign up over at and let us know your non-profit status so that we can apply the 50% non-profit discount for you.

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