New price plans, lower mailbox prices, and broader feature access

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We're introducing more affordable plans, with broader access to all features and lower per mailbox prices. Overall, you get more for less.

We listen to our customers a lot. Also, we try to create the most value for them as possible. We believe combining the many apps of a customer service-oriented organization into one platform is one option to make the work-life of our customers easier.

That's why we introduced our Live-Chat Widget, the powerful Email Campaigns, and Email Drip Campaigns, aka Email Automation, at the beginning of this year. In the coming months, you will enjoy a new UI for Helpmonks, a File-Browser to share and manage attachments and files, and a Knowledge-Base.

Since the beginning of Helpmonks, our approach to prices has always been per mailbox and not per user. We are no fans of the outdated per-user price model, and as such, our goal was to find a model that works best for all price ranges.

Especially given our unique feature set and as we are not only a shared inbox service anymore, we wanted to find a model that works for all aspects. After all, Helpmonks covers all aspects of support, sales, and marketing departments. It has become a unique value proposition, and just adding "what works for others" can't be done here.

Note: All pricing changes go into effect for new customers on July 17th, 2021. As always, existing customers stay on the previous price, i.e., are grandfathered in. However, current customers need to switch to the new prices if they down/upgrade their plan.

Lower mailbox prices and broader access to features

Our new price plans look like this now:

Helpmonks prices

All plans come with unlimited users, unlimited emails, unlimited storage space (for attachments), and no per-user fees.

The new prices make additional mailboxes more affordable now with a $29/month flat base price. Previously, your plan price was taken for each mailbox you added. For instance, if you had a $49 plan and used four mailboxes, your total was $196. With our new prices, your monthly cost would only be $136 ($49 plan and three additional mailboxes each $29).

Furthermore, all plans now include all integrations and custom plugins. That's right. You can now use Custom Fields, Custom Applications, Trello, Zapier, and all our other plugins with your plan. Moreover, when we release our re-design, the CRM will be part of our general Customer Management.

Moreover, we moved our Team / Group feature to the middle tier plan, i.e., BLISS plan for $49 per month. Live-Chat, Knowledge-Base (soon), all core features, and unlimited users and emails are also included.

The FURTHER plan ($99) is now the only plan for email campaigns and email automation. Ten thousand contacts are included, including unlimited sending, making it automatically a best-in-market value proposition compared to any of our competitors.

As a reminder, existing customers can stay on their current plan with all the features they enjoy today. Of course, you are welcome to switch to our new plans to benefit from the added functionality instantly.

In summary, all plans come with unlimited users (no per-user fees), unlimited emails, unlimited storage, unlimited receiving and sending of emails, and all integrations and plugins. Additional mailboxes are a flat price of $29 each, independent of your plan price.

We believe that the new prices fit our customers much better. They provide more value than any other help desk, shared inbox, or customer service tool.

Still, have questions?

If you would like to discuss how the new prices affect your business or see your options, don't hesitate to contact us.

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