Here's what's next for your Helpmonks account

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Over six years ago, we started Helpmonks with the vision to create an email management platform that is easy to use and affordable for all businesses. Today, over 2,000 companies worldwide are using Helpmonks daily to collaborate on their emails with team members.

One thing that has always set us apart from the rest is enhancing our system and providing valuable tools to our customers without breaking the bank. We do this by using mailboxes for our pricing model and making many high-level features available. Furthermore, we are the only email collaboration platform with the option of dedicated (GDPR-compatible) cloud servers.

Speaking of enhancing the system, we have outgrown our initial vision of an email management solution some time ago already and morphed into an entire collaboration suite. However, we didn't stop there.

In the last two years, we worked on adding features for sales and marketing. We announced the release of our Live Chat widget and Email Marketing Platform in December 2020. On March 1st, 2021, we added Email Automation Campaigns, aka Email Drip Campaigns.

Calling our system an email collaboration platform is an understatement by now. Hence, as you might have seen on our website, we started to frame Helpmonks as a "Customer Service Platform" or, more precisely, a "Customer Engagement Platform."

We think that our collection of productivity tools can help any business grow its sales and marketing. Its core collaboration tools further enable teams to track their customers and conversations in one central platform.

With that in mind, we are planning to bring the following to your Helpmonks account this year:

(Please note that this is a high-level list only in no particular order)

New Reports

As you might already know, we are working on new reports. These will be available real soon.

Knowledge Base (Headless CMS)

A Knowledge Base is the last big part on our way to cover all aspects of a Customer Engagement System. With it, you will be able to create, e.g., a self-help documentation site or an internal wiki only for your team members.


Receiving and sending attachments is a big part of your daily workflow. While we already provide tools to manage attachments of an email efficiently, we always wanted to give a general overview. 2021 will be the year where we will introduce a file browser. With labels to organize attachments, a search, and other options, we think it will make your email workflow more efficient.

Team-Chat within Helpmonks

Now that our Live-Chat and Marketing platform is broadly available to everyone, we plan to enable your team's chats within Helpmonks. You will be able to create one-to-one discussions with a team member and channels to invite others. While not confirmed, we could imagine making those channels publicly available.

Email Integration

Since the beginning, Helpmonks has always worked with forwarding emails to your Helpmonks mailboxes. While this works reliably, we hear that many of our customers also want a more "integrated" approach. Hence, we are looking into adding a tighter integration into email services. Connecting directly to email services will also enable us to offer Helpmonks for personal email accounts. Yep, that's right. In the future, you can use your personal and team accounts at the same time in Helpmonks.

Text and WhatsApp

We are looking into adding a Text and WhatsApp conversation feature to Helpmonks.

Design changes

With all the latest tools combined, we think the current design doesn't justify the functionality. Furthermore, we want to combine all email-related views into one unified view without creating artificial separation.

Also, our customers are telling us that they wish to have a three-pane view and a preview pane like in Outlook. Moreover, as everything comes together under the contact and companies, it deserves a primary spot. In general, the goal is to make everything work smoother together and flow more naturally.

We have some early prototypes and are currently testing them. Though, I'm sure this will be made available rather sooner than later.

That's a wrap. I hope you are excited about these upcoming features. Each of these upcoming features is always on our public Roadmap where you can upvote for it.

If there is anything we can do for you and your team, please let me know or schedule a meeting with me directly.

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