New in Helpmonks: Zapier

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We are happy to announce our latest update — the Helpmonks-Zapier app.

We are very excited about the Helpmonks-Zapier app as it is much more than a simple “integration”. With Zapier, your team email workflows are automatically available to 1,000 other applications.

With the Helpmonks-Zapier app, you can, for example, create a customer record in your CRM, whenever you receive a new conversation. Another example would be to add the email address to your MailChimp mailing list or a Google spreadsheet.

Also, you can create records within Helpmonks from any Zapier app. With the Helpmonks-Zapier app, you could automatically add new customer records, create a new Helpmonks user and more.

As there are over 1,000 apps available in Zapier, we are sure you will find the app you are using as well.

Here are the “Triggers” that are currently available:

Helpmonks Zapier Triggers

And here are the “Actions” available”:

Helpmonks Zapier Actions

The Helpmonks-Zapier app is currently in “Beta”, meaning it is not listed in the Zapier App directory. Hence, please use the following link to register:

As this is the first version, we are looking for users feedback. If you miss a “Trigger” or an “Action” let us know!

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