New in Helpmonks: Request approval before sending

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We just released an exciting new feature that we’ve been working in recent weeks – Request Approval before Sending.

How it works is that you can set certain users to have to request approval before their message gets sent out to the client. You set this within the user settings under the newly named “Access Control.”

Helpmonk Approval User Setting

Once “Approval for sending” is enabled, you select the users who will need to approve or reject the message. Users who are selected to approve or reject messages will get a notification, either within the browser or by email (a new setting in the notification settings).

Users who have to request for approval will see the “Request for approval” button when they compose a new message or reply to a conversation.

The whole “Approval for send” functionality is tightly integrated into the Drafts. Within the drafts, users can see that a draft is waiting for approval.

Opening a draft message will present what is currently happening with the draft. Opening the draft as the user who composed the message will allow for further editing. On the other hand, if the current user is selected to approve, he can approve the draft, which then gets sent as the original user who composed the message in the first place. Oppositely, the user can also reject the draft with a comment so the message can be re-written.

Last but not least, we’ve also added a log to the whole approval process, which is available in the Report section. Each user is listed by how many messages got approved and rejected. Clicking on a user will drill further down, showing to which email conversation the approval or rejection is associated with.

The – request for approval before sending – feature is available in Helpmonks already. The feature is only available in the “GO FURTHER” plan, and you can upgrade your account within Helpmonks at any point. Customers who have an “ENTERPRISE” cloud server or self-hosted plan will automatically get the new feature in their next update.

What’s next?

We are almost finished with the new Group / Workgroup option and will release it soon. Also, we are working on a brand new Helpmonks website. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way.

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