New in Helpmonks: Dark theme and updated mailbox customization

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In this hot weather, we all need a bit of coolness. Therefore, we are excited to announce that Helpmonks has now an excellent Dark theme option.

We’ve done a lot of small tweaks and design enhancements to make the Dark theme work with the existing design. The result is that, whether you use the “Light” or the new “Dark” theme, it beautifully fits the application in all aspects.

Not only have we added a new Dark theme, but also created pre-defined themes for you to customize your mailbox quicker and easier. The next time you navigate to the customization setting, you will see that you can choose from four pre-defined themes. Each has been made to perfectly match the “Light” or “Dark” theme.

Of course, we’ve kept the option to choose a customized color so you can continue customizing the color tone for each of your mailboxes as much as you like (this is one of the favorite things about Helpmonks as far as we can see how many of you customize your mailboxes 🙂 )

Next up

We are working on getting a Team To-Do add-on done for you and soon will be taking off the wraps of the Group / Workgroup feature. As always, please take a moment to check out the public Helpmonks RoadMap to see what’s coming and to vote on features.

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