More power for your Helpmonks dashboard

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When we introduced the new dashboard in Helpmonks many of you liked the concept of being able to see everything at once. This update takes the dashboard even further.

Enhanced email panel options

At the heart of the dashboard are the two panels that show you emails that are assigned to you and in the other panel emails that are assigned to others.

While this is still the core functionality, we’ve added now all statuses to the “assigned to me” panel and also added the current user (you) to the user selection in the “assigned to others” panel. Another significant change is that everything is now acting more like a filter instead of a single selection.

For example, selecting the status “Pending” and “Assigned” will now show you all the emails of both statuses only. Add a mailbox to the mix, and it will only show you the emails of the status that are only in that mailbox. Manage more than one mailbox; add another mailbox to see the emails from that mailbox.

Also, with the added statuses you can now also use the panels to see all the emails independent of they are assigned to you or not, i.e., have a unified view of all the emails in any mailbox. With it, you could have the top panel show all the emails that are in the “Inbox” and the bottom panel with emails that are assigned to you.

The mailbox panel

Many of you like the simple mailbox overview of the “legacy” dashboard. You will be happy to know that we’ve now added a new “Mailbox” panel to the dashboard as well.

New customization

We’ve entirely refactored how the customization works. The customization options now open in a popup window, where you can edit and arrange your panels without any distractions. Just drag and drop your panels to your desired position and save. Oh, and we’ve now made it possible to move the “Reports” and the new “Mailbox” panel to the left side.

We think the new dashboard options are mighty powerful and help our customers to plow through their team email workflow even faster. As always we look forward to any feedback.

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