Impression from Massive Attack Concert

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I just got home from a very impressive Massive Attack concert. I have to say that this show totally blew me away. The sound quality, the light show, the paragraphs on the LED wall, the band and all was an extremely uplifting experience. They played, among the older classic song, a couple of new ones from their Splitting the Atom EP and some very new ones. Some I never heard before, but they are simply amazing. More groovy then the older ones.

Also, the live versions of Teardrop and Angel are amazing and I really do wish that they make a live DVD of this tour. This is definitely a live band. I love when a band does not play the songs as on their records. I think just about every song at the concert was different then from the record. Psyche was very slow but at the same time you heard this underlining beat that made you want to move faster then her singing, if you know what I mean.

For this year, this was the last show. They are on tour again on February 8th. If you can, go see them, you won’t be disappointed. Here are some images from tonight and of their tour in general. Sorry, for the bad quality, but the iPhone does not have the best camera… (the images on the bottom are from their website). Update: This blog has some more high quality images.

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