How to make shared email management painless

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We’ve talked before about the pains of email collaboration. Wasted time and energy, multiple replies or no replies, headaches, headaches and more headaches. Here at Helpmonks, we’re all about relieving your headaches. Here’s three ways we work to make shared email management less painful and more productive.

Streamline the systems your team uses

Helpdesk software, CRM, task management, email — oh my! Today’s businesses run on a multiple of platforms; too often it’s too many. Add in the complicating factor that people have different work styles, and may prefer one way of working over another.

The solution here is to streamline your systems. Many software platforms use APIs to connect to each other, sharing data back and forth in order to cut down on the number of tasks employees need to do. Helpmonks is compatible with all existing email providers, but we also integrate with popular project management systems like Trello. Plus, because Helpmonks works with existing email clients like Gmail and Outlook, your team doesn’t need to use another system to get all the benefits of using Helpmonks.

Simplify workflows with increased transparency

The fewer steps your team members need to take in order to be successful, the more opportunities they will have to be successful. That sounds simple up front, but we all know that simply cutting steps in a business process isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

We’ve found that when teams gain transparency in their work, it becomes easier to make workflows, well, easier. By transparency, we’re talking about allowing team members to see each other’s responses to customers, as well as the ability to comment internally on an email without the customer seeing the comment. We also offer the ability to assign emails to team members or even to groups, and emails can also be batch-processed, allowing teams to work more collaboratively and efficiently.

It’s important to remember that developing an effective workflow is often a process and not just something that can be done automatically. That said, businesses can…

Automate workflows

This is a big one. In addition to simplifying workflows, automation has become a key tool for businesses to cope with the increasing volume of customer communications it has to manage. Automation also helps to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. For instance, Helpmonks automates managing a shared inbox with saved replies, automatic reminders, automatic recognition of email address domains, and service level agreement alerts.

We’re also working on rolling out an integrated CRM system and an automated email marketing system to help our users reach more customers, sell more, and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships (more on that in the near future).

If you’ve experienced headaches from a shared inbox, don’t worry, we’ve got the cure. Contact us to set up a Helpmonks demo and see how painless shared email management can really be.

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