Four signs you need an email management system

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Imagine this: It’s Monday morning and you’re pulling into the office, refreshed and raring to go. After grabbing some coffee and chatting with coworkers about how awesome your weekend was, you plunk down at your desk, fire up your email, the shared sales email, and your internal team chat. As all three load up, you’re thinking about how you’re ready to crush this week’s sales goals like an empty beer can on a college football player’s forehead.

Then you see 78 unread emails in your personal box, and another 136 in the shared box. Your teammates, who are also settling into their desks, are already pinging each other on group chat about who’s responding to which email. As you scroll through the seeming nonstop chatter and communiques from clients, you feel your excitement and enthusiasm drain and you wonder, “Is there a better way?”

If this scenario sounds familiar, you likely need an email management system. According to a report from Adobe, U.S. workers spend slightly more than half their time at work looking at email. And it’s only getting worse. And according to report by technology market research firm Radicati Group, the global volume of email is expected to grow by three percent each year through 2019, with about 246 billion email being sent each day.

In order to deal with both the current and future volume of email communications, it’s essential for companies to process incoming sales, customer service, and internal emails efficiently. And it’ll take more than human intervention to ensure that email is handled properly 100 percent of the time. It’ll take an email management system. Here are four signs you and your team need one.

1. You spend far too much time in email.

As pointed out above, we’re spending far too much time in email and less time doing actual work. An email management system can reduce the amount of time you and your team spend organizing, and dramatically raise your productivity.

2. It’s taking too long to respond to emails, important or otherwise

More and more frequently, customers are expecting businesses to respond to emails almost immediately. According to one study, 50 percent of emails are responded to within 60 minutes, and that emails are unlikely to be responded to after 48 hours. It’s therefore likely you’re losing customers if your team takes too long to respond to emails. Avoiding unnecessary delays in responding is the hallmark of the best email management systems.

3. Emails are going completely unanswered

Why would anyone do business with a company that doesn’t respond to emails? Ask yourself, “What would our pipeline look like if every email got answered in less than two hours?” An email management system can help mitigate this by setting up a workflow that ensures every email gets answered in a timely fashion.

4. Your team sends multiple answers to a single email

How bad does it look when a customer or a prospect gets more than one email response? How bad does it look when the responses give different or conflicting information? Our guess is pretty bad. At the least you’ll look unprofessional. At the worst, you’ll look incompetent. By offering the ability to assign and track emails and responses, an email management system is going to make your team look smarter than it ever has been. An even more advanced feature is collision detection, which actually prevents second replies from reaching the recipient until the sender is notified and approved. Pretty nifty!

If these scenarios and problems are plaguing your team, your company, or just your personal email, it’s probably time to get an email management system. And we just happen to know about one that’s top-notch. Want to give it a try? Sign up for a free trial or schedule your personal demo today!

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