Helpmonks Release Notes March 2019

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The Helpmonks team is working a lot on improving and enhancing Helpmonks. If you follow us on Twitter, you will see those updates, too. However, from now on, we will also publish a monthly release note here.

Without further due, here is what’s new in Helpmonks for March 2019.

Infrastructure changes

March was dominated by a lot of changes to our infrastructure. We expanded our database cluster with more servers, added more mail servers, and made sure that just about every part of our system is fault-tolerant, i.e., if a server would go offline another one takes over.

New features and enhancements

Due to significant changes in our infrastructure as outlined above, the Helpmonks team was mostly occupied with testing everything and making sure that Helpmonks runs optimized. Nevertheless, we’ve added a couple of improvements. These are outlined below:

  • Improved the rendering of text in all browsers
  • Notification for the user himself on a thread will now show differently. Also, the user will not receive a notification anymore if on the Dashboard and the message is from himself
  • The short ID is now automatically indexed in case the emails chain was updated with a new short ID
  • Added option to show a newnewsentry in a modal window which the user has to confirm
  • The notification count is now automatically marked read if one clicks on the notification icon in the top navigation
  • All links on the Dashboard are opening now in the same window. Use ctrl/cmd + click to open them in a new window if required.
  • Updated some UI elements all over the system

That’s it

This is it for now. However, please check out the public Helpmonks RoadMap where we post updates and our progress almost daily.

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