Helpmonks Release Notes April 2019

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Now that most infrastructure changes are behind us and you hopefully reap the benefit from those changes, we are back to enhancing Helpmonks to bring you the best shared inbox solution on the market.

That said, here is what is new for April 2019;

Send emails to all company users and internal users

By popular demand, we’ve now added an option where you can send an email to all users of a company. Besides, you can also send an email to all users of your team. This option is available when you compose a new email. Please note that this option is only available if you are on the “BLISS” or “GO FURTHER” plan.

Add links as custom fields

Many customers use our customers’ fields. Now, you can also turn a field into a link. Simply enter the link and save and Helpmonks automatically detects the link and displays it as such.

Remove a card in Trello

While you could always create a Trello card conveniently, there was funny enough, never a way to remove the card. This is now a thing of the past, as you can now remove a Trello card, too.


Sometimes you need more than just the email body. You might need to check some more information. As of immediately, we store the email headers together with your email body indefinitely. You can access the email headers at any time, by clicking on the “show headers” icon

Re-design of the Dashboard

Our Dashboard received some more love. Now, there is a new way to customize the Dashboard. Furthermore, you can show all your mailboxes (from the legacy Dashboard) on the Dashboard as well. Last but not least, you can move the mailbox and the report panel to the left side, also.


While our editor is beloved by many, there was one thing that was always missing; – we never had an integrated SpellChecker. Hence, I’m happy to let you know that the new editor comes with an integrated SpellChecker.

While not “big features” in itself we wanted to let you know of the following two small but significant changes;

  • When you cancel composing an email, we will now also remove the accompanied draft. No more, zombie drafts.
  • Another improvement is that we are now storing your filter and grouping selection so that when you return to the list view you will see that same filter. Your filter selection is also restored when you sign in with another browser.

That’s it

To see what else was changed or fixed, please head over to our public Helpmonks RoadMap. As always, we welcome any feedback.

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