Features and enhancements that were added to Helpmonks in February 2019

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Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve been working on many enhancements for your team emails. Here are the ones we made available in February. You can also follow public Helpmonks RoadMap to get updated and vote on features.

Global shortcut to compose a newmessage

Manyof you like the option to write a new email from any spot within Helpmonks. With the “h a” (press and hold “h” and then press “a”) shortcut you can now invoke the compose window even faster.

New user permission

There is now an additional user permission setting that limits users from seeing other users reports.

Enhancements to the Short-ID / Ticket Number

While the short-id helps you to share a link to the conversation internally, you can now also find the email thread with the short-id, e.g., searching for “Ro8bTOe2y” will find the related email conversation.

Additionally, we are now showing the short-id on top of the conversation view, and you can also opt to show the short-id in the email list as a quick reference. The short-id is especially helpful for those customers who are used to having a Ticket-Number associated with an email conversation.

Option to have no quotes

By default, email notifications always show the last seven conversations. While in the past, you could change this to a different quote level, there was no option to disable it. With this change, you can now disable the quote level and only get the most recent change in your email notification.

Search for Helpmonks users

One of the benefits of Helpmonks is that we only charge per mailbox and not per user. Naturally, many of our customers add users from several departments to their shared inboxes. It’s not uncommon to have 100 or more users in Helpmonks. Now, it’s easier than ever to find them with the embedded search. Just type part of the name or email address and boom.


All attachments show now in an inline window. For those files where that is not possible, we show them in a new browser window (like before), or we prompt your browser to download the file (just like before). Also, you always have the option to download your attachment. In case, you didn’t see, but there is still the possibility to download all attachments at once without the need to open each reply.

New variable: Last message

Adding variables to your auto-reply, saved-replies, or signatures is a nifty way to create a unique experience for your email recipients. Now, we’ve added another variable for you to use – the last message. You can use the “last message” variable, for example, to create a workflow that searches the body or the subject of the email for a word, and then sends out a saved-reply that quotes the message with yours.

Re-designed news section

The news section received much love in February too. The news area was wholly re-designed and opens now in a dedicated side panel. Clicking on a news entry will open it also in a dedicated inline window, which makes for easier reading.

Furthermore, our customers with a dedicated cloud server or a self-hosted Helpmonks team email server will have their news section show along with the Helpmonks news.

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