Enhanced compose options with follow-up sequences, reminders, and more

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We've been quite busy over the summer and can finally share with you what is enhanced and what's new. However, instead of creating some huge, long post, we publish each in individual posts.

Here is the first post, which focuses on the changes we've made for composing a new message or a reply.

Smarter use of follow-up sequences

As you might know, Helmonks has featured an email sequence, aka email drip campaign, for some time now. Recently, we've added the option to create follow-up email sequences. However, while powerful, how to add them to your message or replies was still not so obvious.

Hence, we have now added a way for you to add your message to a follow-up sequence upon composing a reply directly.

Helpmonks - add a follow-up email sequence to your reply

Get reminded when you don't get a reply

Our powerful workflow engine is one of the best-kept secrets. While it can do a lot of automated processes, e.g., create a reminder when no one replies, you still have to create a workflow rule. However, creating a workflow rule only sometimes makes sense.

Getting a reminder when the email recipient doesn't reply is one of those use cases. Hence, we now included the option to automatically get a reminder for your message when selected. You will get a reminder within the next 48 hours by default, but you can change that on a per-use case.

Helpmonks - set a reminder on send

Design changes for the better

After integrating follow-up sequences and reminders, we made design modifications to the email editor.

The send-later option is now integrated into the send button, presenting a list of preset options while allowing individual customization.

Helpmonks redesigned send later option

In addition, the option to send a message to all company members or your helpmonks team members is now more prominent.

Helpmonks - send to team members or all company users

These are the recent updates for composing your emails. As mentioned, this is only the first part of many of our recent enhancements to Helpmonks. Stay tuned :)

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