A more personalized approach to customer rating

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We recently updated our Customer Rating plugin in Helpmonks to make it more personal for your customers and for your team to immediately see the rating. Also, your customer’ can now leave a comment on your replies.

Customers can leave a comment on your reply

The rating page has been enhanced with a comment section so your customer can leave a message on your response. The message is added to the email thread, and you can reply to the comment itself right within Helpmonks again.

Helpmonks — Customer Rating comment section

Each rating show shows in the email thread

Each rating shows automatically in the email thread now. Like this, you immediately know if your reply hit the right tone with the customer and if not can improve on your next answer.

Helpmonks — Customer Rating in the conversation thread

Branding on your rating page

In order to round up the experience for your customer entirely, your background login image and logo is now displayed on the rating page, too.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for the release of the IMAP synchronization feature. IMAP sync will automatically put all outgoing emails into your “sent” folder on your IMAP server.

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