7 Cognitive Psychology Hacks for a Winning Email Marketing Script Writing

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Email marketing is an important segment of your digital marketing strategy. Big and small businesses use it to communicate with customers and send the right messages at the right moments. Email marketing helps to acquire new customers, increase sales, and advertise new products, services, or events. But, none of this is possible if you don’t know how to write a winning email marketing script.

Luckily, there are different kinds of hacks you can use to write better scripts and boost your marketing success. This article deals with the hacks coming from cognitive psychology.

1. The Decoy Effect

We’ve all fallen under the influence of the Decoy effect, also referred to as the attraction effect. The principle is simple yet highly effective:

  • customers are presented with two options to choose between
  • the third option is introduced, and it’s the most expensive one
  • still, the third option sounds like the best choice

Here’s an example:

  • Basic Package: Accommodation Only $34
  • Advanced Package: Accommodation & Breakfast $51
  • Pro Package: Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner $52

The third option is only $1 more than the second one, but you get a great deal out of it. The Decoy effect can be seen in different digital marketing platforms, not just email.  Offer a similar offer in your emails to get people to choose your full package without hesitation.

2. Urgency

Nobody wants to miss out on a good opportunity. And, if you create a sense of urgency around your email, it’s most likely that more people will read it carefully.

The best way to do this is through your subject line:

  • Your Discount Expires Tonight!
  • Today only- buy our limited edition…
  • Friday Sale! Hurry Up!

When your customers see this subject line, they’ll realize they’re about to lose a great deal, unless they open the email and see what it’s all about. Follow this cognitive psychology hack and make your emails impossible to ignore.

3. Cognitive Fluency

The simple principle of cognitive fluency can help you write effective and engaging email marketing scripts. Cognitive fluency is a theory that says:

  • Present the information simply, and make it easy to understand. It will make it more believable and easy to accept.

That means that the simpler your presentation, the better effect on your audience it’ll have. So, what does that mean for your scripts? Here are a few cognitive fluency tips:

  • write short and simple sentences
  • divide the body of the email using subheadings
  • divide it further into short paragraphs
  • use simple vocabulary
  • use easy-to-read fonts

This is equally as important for B2C and B2B marketing.  If your customers need to concentrate to read and understand your emails, they’ll either give up or find it extremely repelling. So, go for simplicity to maximize your success.

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4. Offer Something For Free

If you want your customers to go crazy about your email offer, make sure to consider making free offers in your email marketing scripts. When your customers see they can get anything for free, they’ll embrace the whole idea with ease.

So, combine something you’re selling with a free product:

  • Special offer today: Buy the premium package today and get one month for free!
  • Order tonight and get a free consult with our email marketing specialist!

It’s a fact, people love getting free stuff. Use this in your email marketing to get more people to become a customer.

5. Include CTAs For Guidance

As we’ve already mentioned, people don’t like to think too much when they’re reading emails. They just want to see what’s it all about and decide whether or not they’re interested.

This is why you should provide proper guidance for your customers and help them get the message instantly. CTAs are the best choice in this case.

Use CTAs to:

  • guide your customers through the desired process
  • tell them what to do next
  • provide links to your landing pages

With strong and effective CTAs, your emails will be far more engaging and successful. In case you need help writing powerful CTAs, services offering essay writing help online could help you nail them. Also, use Thesaurus to find the simplest vocabulary and Canva to make your CTAs stand out visually.

6. Pictures of Faces

Visuals are extremely important in many marketing scripts, especially those trying to evoke a certain type of emotion. It’s a known fact that visuals showing faces can help you achieve the desired effect of your email. Here’s why:

  • a picture of a person’s face showing a certain emotion will evoke the same emotion with the recipient
  • subconsciously they’ll start feeling happy, satisfied, worried or whatever else you want them to feel

This is why you should consider adding visuals that show people expressing certain emotions. Your emails will drive more engagement by sending a much more clear and powerful message.

7. Power of Colors

Did you know that colors have a significant effect on how we perceive things and how they make us feel? Color psychology is thus widely used in email marketing and you should consider making it a part of your scriptwriting strategy.

Using the right colors in your emails will enhance the message you’re trying to send. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • use blue if you’re trying to win trust, build loyalty, and offer security
  • use red if you want to boost urgency, and make your offer more irresistible
  • use black for formal emails and luxurious offers

So, you’d use blue for a meeting request email and red for an attractive offer that’s about the expire. Colors can set the tone of an email and send an instant message to the recipient about what to expect from it.

Final Thoughts

Writing a winning email marketing script is a task that requires a good strategy and a couple of tricks up your sleeve. If you know your audience and set a clear goal for your emails, you’ll be able to nail your scripts.

Hopefully, the 7 cognitive psychology hacks we’ve shared above will help you write winning email marketing scripts. Start applying them ASAP and get ready to see some great results.

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