10 Best Email Sequence Software Solutions

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Remember cold pitching to people who didn't know your business? You may have even sent out these emails manually - and that took time with little conversion rates. Thanks to today's software solutions, the days of cold pitching are over. Now you can sit back and wait for prospects to reach out.

If you offer opportunities on your website for visitors to leave their email addresses, all you need from there is email sequence software. But what is it, and how can you use it?

Read on as we answer these questions and share our top 10 email sequence software solutions.

What Is an Email Sequence?

An email sequence is a series of automated emails you can send to a specific audience based on predetermined triggers or actions. You can create many different sequences, including abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, onboarding emails, and nurturing emails.

A small business owner might use email sequence software to automatically send a welcome email to new subscribers, followed by promotional offers and updates. This helps in maintaining consistent communication, nurturing leads, and ultimately driving sales.

What Is Email Sequence Software?

Email sequence software is a tool that automates the process of sending a series of emails to your contacts.

Suppose you have a long list of potential customers who've shown interest in your product. Instead of manually sending them emails one by one, this software allows you to set up a sequence of emails that go out automatically based on certain triggers or time intervals.

You start by creating a series of emails in the software, each with its specific message and goal. Next, you set the conditions or "triggers" for when each email should be sent. These triggers could be based on various actions, like when someone signs up for your newsletter, makes a purchase, or abandons a shopping cart.

Once you set up the sequence, the software takes over. It monitors your contacts' actions and sends out the appropriate email at the designated time without your manual intervention.

The software comes equipped with features for personalization, integration, analytics, and reporting so you can tailor your emails for maximum impact.

When you automate emailing your prospects, you streamline your email marketing efforts to make them more efficient.

Benefits of Email Sequence Software

Did you know email marketing offers an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent? And with over 4 billion daily email users, the reach and impact of email marketing are undeniable. Couple that with the automation an email sequence software offers, and you'll enjoy these benefits:

Automated Engagement

Emailing can be repetitive, but not when you have the best email sequence software. It ensures that your emails are sent at the right time to the right people without requiring manual intervention.

Let's say you have a sequence designed for cart abandonment. Your prospect adds an item to their cart but doesn't check out. The software detects this action and automatically sends the first email in your pre-designed sequence, reminding the customer about their abandoned cart. If the cart remains abandoned, the software sends a follow-up email with a discount offer two days later.

All of this happens without you having to send each email manually, ensuring consistent and timely engagement with your customers.

Personalization and Segmentation

These two features will elevate your email marketing campaigns. Email sequence software lets you divide your email list into smaller, targeted groups using specific criteria like behavior or demographics.

Personalization takes this a step further - it customizes the email content for each recipient. So, instead of sending a generic promotion to all ‘active buyers', you could send personalized discount codes based on their past purchases. This targeted approach increases open rates, click-through rates, and, ultimately, conversion rates.

Lead Nurturing

Email sequence software lets you nurture your leads and guide them through the sales funnel effectively.

Suppose a visitor signs up for a lead magnet on your website. In this case, the software can automatically send an email sequence to engage and nurture this new lead. The first email might share the resources they requested, and the second could ask for feedback. The subsequent emails could offer additional resources or prompt them to book a demo.

This automated sequence ensures that leads receive timely and relevant information, moving them closer to purchasing without requiring manual follow-up from your end.

Efficient Time Management

Research shows that the average professional spends 28% of their workday managing emails. That's an awful lot of time you could be using to manage other aspects of your business.

Email sequence software automates everything, saving you valuable time. Instead of manually sending follow-up emails to potential clients, the software will do it for you based on a schedule you set.

This means you can focus on other important tasks like strategy planning or customer engagement, knowing that your email campaigns are running smoothly in the background.

Helpmonks - affordable email sequence software

Features to Look For in Email Sequence Software

Selecting the right email sequence software can be a game-changer for your business. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is the best fit for your needs?

Let's talk about the features to look for:

Automation Capabilities

Automation is the cornerstone of any good email sequence software. With automation, you only need to design your template - including the email context, send times, and more. The software will then send out these emails based on when and how your prospects interact with your business.

Automation capabilities are essential for hitting your targets swiftly and let you focus on other aspects of your business.

Segmentation Tools

Segmentation lets you divide your contact list into smaller groups you can easily target in your email campaigns. That makes it an imperative feature to have, considering you want your software to handle emailing without you intervening.

The email sequence software should be able to categorize your contact list using criteria such as behavior, demographics, or even geographical location. For example, if you run an online clothing store, you can segment your email list into groups like ‘new customers', ‘repeat buyers', and ‘cart abandoners'.

With segmentation tools, you can send highly relevant content to each segment, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Analytics and Reporting

Make sure your email sequence software offers analytics and reporting to give you valuable insights into the performance of your email campaigns.

You can use it to track metrics like open, click-through, and conversion rates. A good tool can even notify you when your email gets opened! Knowing these numbers will help you understand what's working and what needs improvement. If you notice a low open rate, you could refine your subject lines or send times for better engagement.

With robust analytics and reporting, you can optimize your email sequences for maximum impact.

Integration Options

You need to consider integration when choosing your ideal email sequencing tool. The ability to integrate with other tools and platforms you're already using will streamline your workflow.

For instance, if you're using a CRM system to manage customer relationships, integrating it with your email sequence software allows for seamless data sharing. This means you can automatically update customer information in your CRM when they interact with your emails - without having to input data manually.

Having integration options ensures that your email sequence software can adapt to your existing tech stack. That makes it a versatile tool that enhances rather than complicates your business operations.

Responsive Design

A responsive design ensures your emails look good on any device, whether it's a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Many people use mobile phones to open their emails, so you need to ensure your email is optimized for mobile.

With a responsive design, your software will automatically adjust the layout, images, and text size based on the device's screen size.

For example, if an email looks cluttered on a mobile screen, the software will rearrange the elements to make it readable and user-friendly. This adaptability improves the user experience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Template Options

You want to speed up your email marketing efforts - so getting software with customizable templates is a big plus.

These pre-designed layouts come with placeholders for text, images, and other elements to create professional-looking emails without starting from scratch.

If you frequently send out newsletters, you can use a template that suits your brand's aesthetic and simply plug in the content. This saves you the time and effort of designing email sequences manually.

Templates also ensure consistency in your emails, which is crucial for brand recognition. By using a template, you guarantee that each email maintains the same look and feel, creating a cohesive experience for your audience. Consistency will enhance your brand's credibility and make your email campaigns more effective.

Top 10 Email Sequence Software Solutions

Now that you know what you need from your email sequence software, it's time to start hunting for the tool that meets your business needs. There are many options, so we did the legwork for you. Here are our top 10 picks:

Helpmonks - best email sequence tool

1. Helpmonks

Helpmonks is an all-in-one email management platform with email sequence software designed to streamline your marketing efforts. It comes with a robust set of features for automating email sequences, all integrated into a shared inbox for seamless team collaboration.

The software is easy to use. All you have to do is create a new sequence and choose whether to use a template or create your sequence from scratch. You then decide which triggers to work with and set your wait times. After that, you can create your emails and choose when to send the first one.

After you create the sequence, Helpmonks automates the entire process. It also personalizes all emails and, as part of the Helpmonks email CRM, integrates with your CRM to streamline workflows. It will automatically update prospect details and add email sequences to existing email threads.

Main Features
  • Automates your email sequences for targeted campaigns.
  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM for real-time updates.
  • Enhanced personalization to send emails that get opened.
  • Tracks key email metrics for each email and customer.
  • Creates automation events based on user behavior.
  • Responsive design to ensure emails look good on any device.
  • Adds email sequences to email threads for team collaboration.
  • Halts sequences automatically if a recipient responds.
Best For

Helpmonks is best suited for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It offers a comprehensive feature set that makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to centralize their customer engagement activities.

Helpmonks - best Hubspot alternative

2. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform that excels in email sequencing. With HubSpot's email sales automation, you can create automated email sequences triggered by specific customer behaviors.

The platform allows you to design triggers, choose or craft templates, set wait times between emails, and even personalize content - all aimed at nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

On personalization, HubSpot automatically enters the prospect's name, company, and other personal details they might have shared when signing up. Then, you decide when to send the emails to each prospect.

Hubspot will also add your live email sequences to your email threads to enable collaboration. Its advanced analysis tools will track open, reply, meeting, no response, and bounce rates.

The email sequence software is integrated with HubSpot's advanced CRM, enabling you to keep all customer interactions and data in one place for a streamlined marketing approach.

Main Features
  • Integrates with HubSpot's advanced CRM for a unified customer view.
  • Personalize your email sequences to reach the right customers.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard that tells you how long a sequence will be live and how much of it is automated.
  • Options like LinkedIn connections and phone calls when addressing customers.
  • Choose from a range of ready-made templates or create your sequences from scratch.
  • Set wait times between automated emails.
  • Segment your email lists for better-targeted campaigns.
  • Bulk email actions for large enterprises.
  • Analytics to track email performance.
Best For

HubSpot's email sequence software is ideal for large enterprises that require advanced email sequencing capabilities along with robust CRM features. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for businesses aiming to scale their email marketing efforts.

Helpmonks - ActiveCampaign alternative

3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that helps you create personalized customer journeys through email sequences.

The software is easy to use - you can access email sequences from your automation tab. Next, segment your lists into more manageable groups for targeted campaigns.

The ActiveCampaign email sequence software lets you determine triggers and wait times. When creating a sequence, you can use a range of templates (recipes) and copy-editing features. You can include text blocks, videos, images, links, buttons, spacers, and more to create professional emails that your prospects will want to read.

The software integrates with ActiveCampaign CRM, gathering all your contact information in one place. This also makes updating customer information throughout their customer journey automatic.

ActiveCampaign also offers impressive tracking metrics so you can see who opened, ignored, or interacted with your emails.

Main Features
  • Easily create email sequences and use templates to simplify the process.
  • Design customer-specific triggers for automated emails.
  • Optimize send times for maximum engagement.
  • Advanced contact list segmentation to create effective targeted campaigns.
  • Personalize emails with customer names and other features like videos, images, links, and more.
  • Insightful metrics to track engagement and optimize your campaigns.
  • Enhanced deliverability with spam check and domain verification.
Best For

ActiveCampaign is particularly effective for small to medium-sized businesses that require a high level of automation and personalization in their email marketing efforts.

Helpmonks - best EngageBay alternative

4. EngageBay

EngageBay specializes in automating marketing emails to drive up conversions. With EngageBay, you can create personalized nurture email sequences in minutes.

The software will segment your audience to help you target the right people with your email sequences. You can set up the sequence once and let EngageBay handle the rest, from sending out follow-up emails to providing actionable insights through powerful analytics.

EngageBay offers a free predictive lead scoring feature, enabling you to send your best email marketing sequence to only your hottest leads.

This email sequence software integrates with EngageBay CRM, making it easy to collaborate with your teams and update contact lists when you onboard them.

Main Features
  • CRM integration to enhance collaboration and streamline your workflows.
  • Predictive lead scoring for targeted email sequences.
  • Powerful analytics to provide actionable insights so you can optimize your campaigns.
  • Time-based popups to capture leads at the right moment.
  • One-click personalization for more engaging emails.
  • Choose from a library of templates or create your own.
  • Easy to pause or resume email sequences.
Best For

EngageBay is a good option for small businesses looking for cost-effective yet powerful email sequence software. It is easy to use, even for novices.

Helpmonks - best Mailchimp alternative

5. MailChimp

MailChimp stands out for its AI-driven approach to email sequencing. The platform offers a Customer Journey Builder that lets you create customized automations with drag-and-drop actions.

You can design your own customer journey maps, choosing starting points based on specific customer behaviors like cart abandonment or form submissions.

MailChimp also offers pre-built journeys, giving you recommendations about new ways to engage with your audience. The platform integrates data from various apps and web services so you can create a connected experience for your customers.

Main Features
  • Create the best triggers for your email sequences and then personalize your emails with the data you have.
  • AI-driven customer journey builder for personalized email sequences.
  • Choose from pre-made customer journey builders or create your email sequences from scratch.
  • Predictive segmentation for targeted email campaigns.
  • Integration with hundreds of apps you may already use.
  • Great analytics to improve your email campaigns.
Best For

MailChimp is a good fit for businesses looking to leverage AI and data analytics in their email marketing. It is easy to use and integrates with hundreds of third-party applications.

Helpmonks - best Drip alternative

6. Drip

Drip is designed with e-commerce businesses in mind, focusing on turning your subscribers into customers.

The platform allows you to go deep with data-driven segmentation and workflows. It offers multichannel automated marketing that feels 100% personal. With Drip, you can set up email sequences and forget about your daily emailing tasks.

Drip lets you track contacts as they interact with your website, providing you with actionable insights through detailed dashboards. This allows you to adjust and improve your strategies, ultimately increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

Main Features
  • Data-driven segmentation for targeted email sequences.
  • Detailed analytics with actionable insights to help you improve your email sequences.
  • Integration with big e-commerce platforms and Facebook, making it easy to track all customer engagement when sending sequences.
  • Create email sequences easily, including crafting the email body, and setting timers and triggers to set off the sequence.
Best For

Drip is ideal for e-commerce businesses that want to focus on customer-centric marketing. It's particularly useful for those who want to build personalized customer journeys based on data-driven insights.

Helpmonks - best ConvertKit alternative

7. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is tailored for creators who want to grow their audience and automate their marketing.

This software offers a unique feature: the Visual Automations editor. It allows you to map out your entire customer journey, from the moment someone subscribes to your list to the point where they become a paying customer.

You can create email sequences that trigger based on actions like completing a course or making a purchase.

Main Features
  • Visual Automations editor lets you visually map out complex customer journeys, making them easier to understand and manage.
  • Automated rules and delivery scheduling provide a hands-off approach to sending out your emails at the right time.
  • A rich library of customizable templates helps you get started quickly to save you time on design and layout.
  • Advanced reporting features offer insights into open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber growth, helping you refine your email strategies over time.
Best For

ConvertKit is best suited for creators - authors, coaches, musicians, and podcasters - who want to automate their email marketing while maintaining a high level of personalization.

Its Visual Automations editor sets it apart, allowing for intricate customer journey mapping that can be as simple or as complex as you need.

Helpmonks - best Outreach alternative

8. Outreach

Outreach is an email sequence software that excels in automating other complex sales processes. It offers advanced sequencing capabilities that allow you to manage multiple stakeholders within the same sequence.

The software is engineered to automate your prospecting workflows, freeing up your sales reps so they can focus on closing deals.

The "Out of Office" detection is one of Outreach's best features. It automatically pauses your email sequence when a prospect is unavailable. This ensures your messages won't get buried in an overflowing inbox.

Main Features
  • Manages multiple stakeholders in the same email sequence to streamline communication and follow-ups.
  • Detects when prospects are out of the office to pause and resume your email sequences based on the recipient's availability.
  • CRM integration to synchronize your data for a contact list that is always up-to-date.
  • Send email sequences based on the prospect's buyer intent and use the analytics feature to track email opens, responses, and unsubscribes.
  • Snippets that allow you to insert reusable pieces of content into your emails.
Best For

Outreach is ideal for sales teams that deal with complex sales cycles involving multiple stakeholders. Its advanced sequencing capabilities and unique features are great for businesses that require a high level of automation and intelligence in their sales processes.

Helpmonks - best Aweber alternative

9. AWeber

AWeber is a robust email automation platform that focuses on saving you time while increasing engagement and sales. It offers a drag-and-drop builder for easy setup of trigger-based emails.

You can use its AI Writing Assistant to craft compelling emails without getting stuck on content. AWeber also offers behavioral automation. This ensures your emails are sent based on your subscriber's interactions, making each email relevant and timely.

Best Features

  • Drag-and-drop builder allows for quick and effortless setup of complex email sequences.
  • AI Writing Assistant assists in generating compelling and personalized email content.
  • Behavioral automation triggers emails based on subscriber interactions, such as clicks and opens, for higher engagement.
  • Advanced segmentation tools enable you to target specific groups within your subscriber list for personalized messaging.
  • A/B testing features allow you to experiment with different email versions to optimize performance.
  • A rich library of customizable templates allows you to design visually appealing emails with ease.
  • High deliverability rates ensure that your emails reach the inbox, not the spam folder.
Best For

AWeber is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a comprehensive yet easy-to-use email automation solution.

Helpmonks - best Mailshake alternative

10. Mailshake

Mailshake is designed to simplify your outreach workflow, allowing you to set up prospecting outreach campaigns in minutes. It allows you to set up a series of emails - including follow-ups and reminders - to move the prospect through the sales funnel.

Mailshake also offers a powerful mail merge feature that enables you to insert text and links personalized to each recipient. With the Mailshake lead driver feature, you'll be able to identify the high-converting parts of your email sequence, allowing you to focus on what works.

Main Features
  • Mail merge functionality for personalized text and links, enhancing the relevance of each email in the sequence.
  • Lead drivers to identify high-converting parts of your email sequence.
  • A/B testing capabilities for emails, follow-ups, or entire campaigns, allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Data finder feature to filter prospects by role, location, or company and streamline your lead generation process.
  • Native and third-party CRM integrations to automatically push all lead data for a seamless workflow.
  • Lead catcher feature to manage leads without leaving the Mailshake platform.
Best For

Mailshake is best suited for sales teams that require a streamlined, data-driven approach to email sequencing. Its unique features, like Lead Drivers and Data Finder, make it a robust choice for teams who want to focus on high-converting strategies and efficient lead management.


It's time to take your email marketing to a whole new level! As we've seen, the first step is to start email sequencing - where you email your prospects after they sign up or engage with your business.

For the best results, you need an email sequence software. Not only do these make it easy with templates, but they also automate the entire process. All you need is to create a sequence, and the software will know when to email, pause, or resume other emails in the lineup.

For a versatile email management platform with powerful email sequence capabilities, look no further than Helpmonks! It will simplify the process of creating and automating email sequences, enhancing team collaboration within a shared inbox. Complete with a user-friendly interface, email sequencing has never been easier.

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