The powerful, low-cost all-in-one customer engagement platform

Helpmonks is a omnipotent email collaboration suite that supercharges your email workflow and increases your sales funnel. No boring ticketing system here.

Customer engagement tools built to help you deliver great customer service.

Customer service teams of all sizes tell us that their job got much easier with Helpmonks and customer satisfaction increased.

Harness the potential of a shared inbox, live chat, email newsletter, email automation, and customer management available in one powerful platform.

Helpmonks is a omnipotent email collaboration suite that supercharges your email workflow and increases your sales funnel. No boring ticketing system here.
Great system that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

User in Real Estate

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

JT M. (Small Business Owner)

Work together for a better customer experience

We combined all the apps you need into one powerful customer service platform and addedpricing that makes sense. One smart platform for sales, marketing, and customer support.

Shared inbox

Email collaborationfor customer service that demand more from collaboration.

Email Marketing

Manage distribution lists andsend email newsletterswith no contact limits.

Drip Campaigns

Inrease sales and engagement withemail automation campaigns.

Live Chat

Enhance your customer experience andtalk to your customersin real-time.


Work better together as a group in yourshared inbox.


Turn your shared emails into apowerful task managerthat's made for team collaboration.


Transform your shared inbox into asales toolto keep everything in one place.

Knowledge Base

Help desk for customer self-service and internal documentation(Coming soon)

A shared inbox that's built to empower you to be customer-centric.

Ashared inboxin Helpmonks, keeps every team member updated in real-time. You see at a glance every interaction with the customer, be it by Live-Chat, from a newsletter campaign, or a direct message.

Safe time and stay organized. Conversations can be tagged, categorized, and assigned. Everyone is on the same page and managers know, who is working on what. Intelligent reports and analytics, provide further insight into your teams performance.

Bring your team together with a mighty low-cost email collaboration platform that knowsno per user pricing.

Shared inbox for teams

Talk to your website visitors and customers in real-time.

Start usingLive Chatfor sales and customer support on every site you own without any limitations. Drive sales, convert leads and provide instant customer service.

Acquire more customers with automated and personalized targeted messages. Helpmonks automatically increases your support team's productivity as the Live Chat is integrated into all Helpmonks tools.

Turn every team member into customer service superhero as there areno chat agent and chat limitations.

LiveChat for free

Increase sales and gain new customers.

Sending an email newsletter or product announcements to your customers is as easy as 1-2-3 with the HelpmonksEmail Marketing Platform.

As a complete all-in-one customer service solution, there is no cumbersome import or export of contacts required. Just send email campaigns with one of our pre-made email templates or bring your own newsletter design.

Increase your email campaign conversion rate and track your performance with ready-to-use reports and analytics. An email marketing platform has never looked so effortless.

Start engaging customers today and gain more leads as there areno contact limits.

Email Campaigns for email lists and email newsletters

Email automation is your secret sauce for growing your business.

Email Automation, aka Email Drip Campaign, is here to increase your customer retention and sales manifold. Sending personalized automated emails based on the customers' behavior will keep your contact engaged and your brand in the loop.

Only available for enterprises in the past is now available,without the high-cost. Automated Email Sequences will take your sales and marketing to the next level.

Increase customer engagement and sell more with the most powerfullow-cost alternative for marketing automation.

Email Automation for email marketing

Keep everything organized in one central location.

Staying organized in your team inboxes has never been easier with thepowerful To-Do appavailable throughout your Helpmonks account. However, we didn't just create another To-Do list.

The Helpmonks task management has the superpower to elevate your whole service desk and how your team collaborates online. To-dos are not only assigned to team members but are associated with your contacts and emails.

Keeping everything in your customer engagement solution provides you with meaningful analytics into each customer's tasks and emails.

To-Dos for teams within your team inbox

Make every customer interaction a success.

Unlike any otherCustomer Relationship Managementsoftware you have ever used, this one doesn't try to confuse you. Manage your workflow from your team inbox within your collaboration software.

The CRM keeps track of your leads, deals, and partnerships. You can use the CRM for your sales or customer support as everything is being organized and available within the same system.

CRM for shared inbox

Empowering customer service teams everywhere

We've been a customer of Helpmonks for a while now and have seen the platform grow and evolve into a full suite of shared productivity tools. The shared inbox transformed the way we respond to customer emails. It allows us to have several agents answering email at the same time, without fear of collisions due to its built in collision detection.
Eric M. (Small Business Owner)
Helpmonks provides many unique features and settings for customization. Multiple options for each user to set up for their own experience. Customer service is very responsive and works through any issues promptly and get back to us in a timely fashion. Option for setting up reminders can be extra helpful so that customer's aren't neglected.
Heather W.
We are able to have multiple people work through one mailbox. We use one email address for our accounting department. Different people need different emails. Being able to assign a conversation to someone instead of having to forward it or send slack, we can just assign it to them and it clears the queue. The pricing is amazing and the support is wonderful.
Chris H.

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