A shared inbox in Helpmonks organizes all
your team email communication in one place

Successfully pass the baton

Pass the baton with ease. With internal notes the whole team can contribute.

Use internal notes to embed important information directly into each email. No more having team members search the shared drive for elusive documents.

All relevant information can be embedded in the email and visible to your team only, never the customer. Read more about a collaborative shared inbox in Helpmonks.

Assign emails to team members and know who will reply. Ensure your customer's inquiries are not ignored by assigning emails.

Everyone knows who intends to reply. Everyone can watch and collaborate on any email in your shared inbox. At a glance see how many emails are assigned to you and the rest of the team.

See a list of all the features for team email collaboration.

Intelligent email management. Assign emails to team members. See at a glance how many emails are awaiting your and your teams replies.
Create saved replies.

Empower your team to answer with confidence. Store polished responses for reuse to save time when replying.

Answer with consistency and correctness by having your team work from saved replies with your shared inbox. Has a policy or important information changed? No problem, update your related saved replies and all team members will have the updated information in their reply. You all stay in sync.

What people are saying about Helpmonks

I really appreciate you always improving the product. Makes it a pleasure to use. Have a great weekend!

— Opticaltel

FYI, very happy customers here at Oosterpoort, we use helpmonks on a daily basis :-)

— Oosterpoort

We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made our communication with our customers so much easier. Thank you.

— Medology

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