Dedicated shared inbox cloud servers. Private and secure.

The dedicated Helpmonks shared inbox servers are the perfect extension for your private cloud. These servers aremanaged by us and for your use only.

Check out all the benefits of a dedicated Helpmonks shared inbox cloud server

Helpmonks Cloud Server Edition

Perfect for small teams


per monthbilled monthly

Everything a team needs


per monthbilled monthly

The all-in-one solution


per monthbilled monthly
  • 5mailboxes
  • 100users
  • Unlimitedemails
  • 40GBstorage for attachments
  • To-Dosfor teams
  • IMAP syncfor outgoing emails
  • Custom fields
  • Custom Applications
  • Unlimitedautomations
  • Unlimitedreports
  • Live-Chat(*)
  • Advanced search
  • Collision detection
  • Assign & mentions
  • API & Integrations
  • Subdomainaccess
  • All from "Starter" plus;
  • Unlimitedmailboxes
  • Unlimitedusers
  • Unlimitedemails
  • Live-Chat Enhanced(*)
  • 150GBstorage for attachments
  • IP accessrestrictions
  • Mostplugins
  • Importof emails included
  • Customdomain
  • Prioritysupport
  • All from "Bliss" plus;
  • Groups / Workgroupsfeature
  • CRMcapabilities
  • Approvalprocesses
  • SSO / SAMLauthentication
  • Allplugins
  • Live-Chat Ultra(*)
  • Email MarketingPlatform (*)
  • Unlimitedstorage
  • 99.9%uptime SLA
  • Highscalability platform
  • Multi-serverfail-over deployment
  • Discountfor customization
  • Dedicatedsupport manager
  • * Coming soon
Server location can be any of the following:
New York, San Francisco, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto (Canada), Singapore, London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany), Falkenstein (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Mumbai (India), Bangalore (India), Tokyo (Japan), or Sydney (Australia)
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We also offer...

Reseller / OEM cloud servers
This special edition is based on our Enterprise edition andfeatures a multi-host / multi-tenancysetup. Also, itintegrates a reseller platformso you can sell your own shared inbox service from the first daywithout worrying about the development or the maintenanceof the software.

Get in touch with us about a reseller account of Helpmonks

What people are saying about Helpmonks

I really appreciate you always improving the product. Makes it apleasure to use.Have a great weekend!


FYI,very happy customershere at Oosterpoort, we use helpmonks on a daily basis :-)


We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made ourcommunication with our customers so much easier.Thank you.


Common questions

Do you offer a trial for the cloud server?

As these are dedicated server and configured for you, we cannot offer a trial. Pleasesign up for a trial of our hosted editionto experience Helpmonks.

Is my data safe?

All your data is secure and safe in Helpmonks. We deploy the best practices to secure your account and servers (encryption, SSL, firewall, etc.). Ourdedicated security pageexplains this in more detail.

Can I switch to the self-hosted edition or to the hosted edition any time?

Surely, you can switch to theself-hosted editionor to thehosted editionat any point in time. Also, we will help in migrating your emails and settings.

Where are the servers located?

The location of your dedicated shared inbox cloud server can be any of the following: New York, San Francisco, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto (Canada), Singapore, London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany), Falkenstein (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Mumbai (India), Bangalore (India), Tokyo (Japan), or Sydney (Australia)

Can I import my email history?

Yes, we do offer a service to import emails from your mail server. Simply email us atsales@helpmonks.comWe'll be happy to help.

What do you mean with one host?

One host means one account that you and your team members sign in to collaborate on emails. Within that account you can have multiple mailboxes and multiple team members with different permissions and different email-addresses.

Is this a long-term contract?

The cloud servers are billed per month. However, when you sign up, you pay for three months upfront. After that you can cancel at any time. You also have the option to pay annually and by invoice.

Do you have a discount for open source projects and non-profit organizations?

We acknowledge the hard work you are doing. Please contact us atsales@helpmonks.comto discuss your project. We'll be happy to help.

What is a mailbox?

A mailbox corresponds to a shared email address, i.e.,

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards from all countries. You can also use wire transfer or send us a check (only for annual payments).

I have more questions

Please contact us atsales@helpmonks.comorschedule a demo.We'll be happy to help.