Helpmonks on-premise. Scalable and enterprise ready
Scalable, secure and afforable. Host your own shared inbox server on your network. Helpmonks is delivered with a special open source developer license. Check out all the benefits of Helpmonks On-premise


Everything a team needs

$5990per year

  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • One host / domain
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited emails & storage
  • Unlimited workflows per mailbox
  • Real-time reports with unlimited history
  • Unified viewNew

    Get an overview what is going on with a quick glance Read more ...

  • IMAP sync

    Sync outgoing emails to your mail server
    Read more ...

  • White-Labelling

    Use your own domain e.g., use your own SSL certificate, link to your own docs

  • Includes the following features

    Collision detection, Mentions, Tracked emails, Saved replies, Companies & SLA, Reminders, full API access
    and many more features

  • Includes the following plugins

    IP access restrictions, Custom fields, Slack, HipChat and Github

  • Two-factor authentication

    Secure your account with an authenticator app or with a hardware key!

  • Best in business support

    Live-Chat / Email / Phone

  • High powered search engine

    Even more scalability with a dedicated search engine and advanced search capabilities to find those emails faster

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The ultimate all-in-one solution

$9990per year

  • Includes all "Teams" features plus:
  • Powerful CRM capabilities

    Turn your team email mailbox into a powerful sales tool Read more ...

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    SAML and oAuth based single-sign-on options

  • Event driven emails / Automated marketing

    Create automated follow-ups and marketing email funnels Read more ...
    (coming soon)

  • Groups / Workgroups

    Work better together with group features like a unified view, assignment to a group and more
    (coming soon)

  • Adds the following plugins

    Zapier, Chatra Chat, LiveChat, Trello, Satisfaction ratings, IP access restrictions, and Custom applications

  • Customization discount

    Discount on custom development work

  • Dedicated Account Manager and Support

    Direct access to your account manager by phone. Support by live-chat/email/phone, 24/7/365

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Embed Helpmonks into your software

$17990per year

  • Includes all "Enterprise" features plus:
  • Multiple hosts / domains (multi-tenancy)
  • Reseller platform

    Special dedicated reseller platform with payment solution already configured

  • Integration support

    We can help with your integration and infrastructure setup

  • Dedicated Account Manager and 24/7/365 Support

    Direct access to your account manager by phone. Support by phone, 24/7/365

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Instead of hosting yourself you can get worry-free cloud servers from us including support

What is a mailbox?

A mailbox corresponds to a shared email address, i.e.,

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards from all countries. You can also use wire transfer or send us a check (only for annual payments).

Do you offer a trial for the self-hosted edition?

We do not offer a trial of the self-hosted edition. Please sign up for a trial of our hosted edition to experience Helpmonks.

Can I switch to the a cloud server or to the hosted edition any time?

Surely, you can switch to the cloud server edition or to the hosted edition at any point in time. We even help you migrate your emails and settings.

What's the license model?

When you buy a self-hosted edition, we will provide you the Helpmonks application under a special developer license, i.e. you can modify the source code to your companies requirements but are not allowed to disctribute the application.

What do you mean with one host?

One host means one account that you and your team members sign in to collaborate on emails. Within that account you can have multiple mailboxes and multiple team members with different permissions.

Is this a long-term contract?

Your payment of the self-hosted edition is for a full year. The updates and support for all the years are included. The self-hosted edition is sold with a minimum three-year contract.

Do you have a discount for open source projects and non-profit organizations?

We aknowledge the hard work you are doing. Please contact us at to discuss your project. We'll be happy to help.

Can I import my email history?

Yes, we do offer a service to import emails from your mail server. Simply email us at sales@helpmonks.comWe'll be happy to help.

I have more questions

Please contact us at or schedule a demo. We'll be happy to help.

What people are saying about Helpmonks

I really appreciate you always improving the product. Makes it a pleasure to use. Have a great weekend!

— Opticaltel

FYI, very happy customers here at Oosterpoort, we use helpmonks on a daily basis :-)

— Oosterpoort

We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made our communication with our customers so much easier. Thank you.

— Medology