A new and better way to work together in your shared mailbox

Helpmonks Shared Mailbox

We built a new, modern approach to a shared inbox for your email management.

We combined all the features of team email into one. We added enhanced customer management, email marketing, and marketing automation into one platform.

Instead of many apps. One unified platform to bring everyone together.

Helpmonks Shared Mailbox
Great shared inbox that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Great shared inbox that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

Heather W. (Real Estate)

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

JT M. (Small Business Owner)

Helpmonks G2 High PerformerHelpmonks G2 Small Business High Performer

All-in-one email platform to save you time and money

Our unique take for teams emails unifies all the tools you need for customer success. Leverage a competent team inbox with advanced workflows to automatically delegate emails and useemail marketing automationto send automated responses or your next email drip campaign. Use tools like internal email notes, email labels, conversion history, and email analytics to efficiently collaborate on each customer request.
Grow your business and increase sales by using ourlive chat web widget. Use our mighty email marketing platform to sendemail marketing campaignsto increase sales.
Besides, ourpricing is not per-userbecause we want you to succeed and not limit your growth.

A shared mailbox without limits

Convert to a shared mailbox

Bring your whole team into Helpmonks and experience true email collaboration. No email falls through the crack, and everyone is on the same page. Advanced shared mailbox permissions guarantees that only the users you want have access. You have complete control over your shared inbox software.

Contrary to a shared inbox for Gmail or Outlook, you can customize different sections that are only relevant to you and your team. Convenient view for emails, advanced contact management, and To-Dos for emails are only some of the features our customers rave about.

Convert to a shared mailbox

Shared inbox for teams

Teams that convert to the Helpmonks shared inbox tools tell us that they love our team collaboration approach. You will find several team-specific features like an assignment to a whole team and not only to one person or workflows based on when an email arrives. That includes international time zone support.

Besides, our all-in-one team collaboration tool makes it easy for everyone to see who is working on what. There is no need for endless email forwarding to your group email list or using the clumsy CC or BCC.

Learn more about shared inbox for teams.

Shared inbox for teams

Shared inbox for marketing

Using Helpmonks as your email collaboration tool will put you in a uniquely advantageous position. With several email marketing tools directly available in your shared inbox, you can make crucial sales and marketing decisions on the fly.

For instance, by adding a label to a contact, automated email workflows set off to add the customer to a distribution list of youremail marketing campaigns, trigger anonline chat, or send anemail drip campaign.

Learn more about our Email Marketing Platform.

Helpmonks email marketing platform

Email delegation at scale

Delegating an email should be straightforward and fast. Furthermore, you need to know at all times who's working on what. For many of our customers, email is time-sensitive and mission-critical to their business success. That's why email collaboration is the core of our shared inbox approach (together withyour security and our 99.99% uptime).

You will find that email delegation within Helpmonks is merely a click away. Automated workflow rules alert your team of any unanswered emails or if a reply is overdue. With Helpmonks, nothing slips through the cracks.

Email delegation for teams

Email management resources to take you further

Internal email notes

Collaborate on emails with your team with internal email notes and converse directly within the email conversation. Doing so keeps the context of your internal discussion related to the email conversation and not all over the place.

Email notes in Helpmonks can also include attachments and inline images. Besides, notes in emails are never shared outside your shared inbox. Additionally, you have the option to create email notes for yourself only.

Shared inbox email notes

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Canned responses

Canned responses, aka saved replies and auto replies are here to save your team a lot of work and time. Create a canned response, define an option subject, the message, and even add attachments, and insert your answer with one click in your replies.

Contrary to canned responses in Gmail, you can properly categorize your email templates and auto replies and use a convenient search within your message editor. Plus, canned responses can also be used in your email workflows.

Helpmonks Canned responses and auto replies

Prevent duplicate replies

With collision detection, which is automatic and included with all plans, you never have to worry that your customers receive an answer twice. Collision detection works in real-time in the background and steps in when it detects that two users reply to the same email.

Contrary to other tools, you can turn the collision alerts off or tune how far back the system should detect a collision. Plus, collision detection also works when you answer by email and not only within the Helpmonks app.

Helpmonks Collision Detection

Enhanced contact management

With its advanced contact management features, think CRM for emails, Helpmonks provides a complete overview of all interactions with all your customers. No matter if they contact you by email, live chat, or from your email campaigns. We've designed our email platform so that you are always just one click away from the customer profile.

With our unique company management feature, you get even more insight into every interaction with all company members. Create email workflows based on company and customer profiles or send out an email sequence.

Learn more about ourcontact management.

Helpmonks customer management

Quick and easy setup, works with every email provider.

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Email Task Delegation

You know, that email delegation lets you assign an email to your team instantly. While efficient, we've added an email task management system so you and your team can createemail tasks in your shared inboxand work on them as a team together. Users can assign each email task to each other. Tasks automatically linked to the email conversation and associated with a contact.

All email tasks for your team and yourself are globally accessible and show throughout the system, e.g., within an email conversation and a customer profile. Furthermore, you can create task lists, categorize them, and converse with your team within the task itself.

email task management

Email Analytics included

Our team collaboration tool includes advanced email analytics. Measure your team's response time, check how labels are applied, who interacts with your team the most, which company is the most active, and much more.

Helpmonks comes with an extensive range of email reports in real-time that you can use for your daily business. Of course, if you use ourlive chat tool, we add agent reports andemail campaign reportsfor your email campaigns.

shared inbox analytics and reports

Email Labels

If you know the Google email labels, you will feel right at home with the email labels in Helpmonks. Use labels to tag your email workload and add meaning to them. You can tag an email with as many labels as you want. Customize your shared inbox view and create a dedicated view that only shows emails from specific labels.

However, you can also use email labels with an email workflow to, e.g., assign and reply to an email automatically or tag an email automatically. Furthermore, we applied the lovely labels also to our contact management. Allowing you to tag and categorize your customer records for further use, e.g., send an email to all customers with a specific label.

Helpmonks Email Labels

High-powered email search engine

Hey, Outlook, move over. Helpmonks includes an omnipotent email search tool that retrieves millions of emails within 1 - 2 seconds (real-life usage).

In addition to our fast email search engine that returns email conversations in record time, you can also search for contact, companies, and attachments. A convenient saved search option lets you return to the last search with one click.

email search engine for teams

Helpmonks Mobile Email App

Helpmonks is built with the latest web technologies and usesPWA at the core of its email platform. PWA enables us to provide Helpmonks in your browser or as a desktop app on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, or Linux.

Furthermore, Helpmonks is also available as a mobile app on Android, iOS, and iPad. PWA (progressive web application) guarantees that you will always have the same experience and functionality, independent of your device and platform.

Besides, Helpmonks works withevery email provider and email client.

Helpmonks mobile email app

Over 2000 satisfied customers

Our team collaboration tool has been around since 2016 and has seen rapid growth since its inception. Our unique approach to creating an all-in-one email collaboration tool with shared inbox features, live chat, email campaigns, and email automation at an affordable cost to businesses made us a favorite among teams worldwide.

Helpmonks is entirely self-funded by its founders and has not accepted any outside funding. We believe a small but dedicated team is far more worth than shiny offices and earning results. Weinvite you to learn more about Helpmonksand its history.

Helpmonks email platform history

Take your team to the next level.

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One email platform for sales, marketing, and support

Email collaboration

Ashared inbox for teamsthat demand more from an email platform.

Email Marketing

Manage distribution lists andsend email campaignswith no contact limits.

Drip Campaigns

Inrcease sales and customer engagement with targetedemail sequences.

Live Chat

Increase sales and use ourlive chat toolto chat in real-time.

Team Email

Work as a unified team in yourshared inboxwith email for groups.

Email ToDo

Powerfulemail task managementfor teams built-in.


Work right along side your customersthrough all relationship stages.

Knowledge Base

Create public or internalknowledge base sites with ease.

File Browser

Find every file from any email in seconds. Create a shared storage.(Coming soon)

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Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed
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A really good solution to manage customer support mailbox
Good support, useful features

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