Get a shared inbox for your non-profit or open source organization
Qualifying non-profit organizations get a 50% discount on any plan and open source projects receive a shared inbox in Helpmonks for free

Non-profit, Open Source and Helpmonks

Helpmonks is built with open source technologies and we, the founders of Helpmonks, contribute frequently to various open source projects. Hence it is only natural for us to support open source projects in any way possible.

We know that building a non-profit organization or an open source community can be difficult. We hope that by providing Helpmonks for non-profit organization with a 50% discount and for free for open source projects, we will enable you and your team to achieve your goals faster and more easily with our team email collaboration software.

How to get Helpmonks for free?

If you already have an account

If you already signed up for a trial simply send us an email at with your account details. Tell us about your organization, what you do, where to find you, etc.

If you don't have an account

First, create a Helpmonks account and then send us an email at with your account details. Tell us about your organization, what you do, where to find you, etc.

Program Qualifications

We worked hard to make Helpmonks. Please do not abuse this program or send us requests for free use if you are a for-profit organization. Play fair.

We purposely do not list requirements for qualifications, as we evaluate each request individually before making a decision. During the decision period we may ask for additional details.

If you are applying for an open source project, please make sure that your code is publicly available (Github, Bitbucket, etc.) and that there is legit proof of your project in use. Commercial open source projects will not be accepted. If you make money, it is only fair to pay.

If you previously paid or are currently paying for a Helpmonks account we can't refund invoices. Upon approval, you will no longer receive invoices.

We reserve the right to terminate this program or to cancel your account at any time due to abuse of the account or under other circumstances. However, we will first contact the individual(s) in question to try to ameliorate the situation.

If you have any other questions about Helpmonks or this program, send us an email at

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