Helpmonks Engage - Live-Chat and Email Marketing Platform

Here at Helpmonks we constantly think how we can help our customers to be more successful.

We think, Helpmonks Engage will help you and your team to do just that.

Helpmonks Engage, will incorporate Live-Chat and automated email marketing into one convenient tool embedded in your favorite shared inbox solution.

Helpmonks Engage - Live-Chat and Email Marketing Platform

Why Helpmonks Engage?

When you come to think of it, our Helpmonks shared mailbox solution has been adopted by many customers worldwide that interact with customers daily, either for answering questions on their products or replying to sales inquiries.

It's only natural that we are trying to help you to do an even better job. Hence, we've built Helpmonks Engage. Helpmonks Engage contains two tools; Live-Chat and an Email Marketing Platform (aka Campaigns).


Enabling Live-Chat in your Helpmonks account will allow a Chat-Widget on any website of your choosing. Not only will you be able to use the Live-Chat on one site, but on asmany websites you want.

We've been working hard to bring Live-Chat on par with your expectation of a Live-Chat tool. As such, youcreate Groups(think a group for each website), where each group can have individual settings and more. Just as within Helpmonks, you can have anunlimited amount of agentsavailable in your Live-Chat.

Helpmonks Live-Chat Saved Replies

Furthermore, your agents will love thesaved text snippetsto reply to customer requests efficiently. Moreover, you will getReal-Time visitors statistics and detailed Reportson browsers, operating systems, countries, and more. You will be happy to know that real-time and report data will be unlimited.

Helpmonks Live-Chat Real-Time visitors

Last but not least, Helpmonks Live-Chat has"Targeted Chats & Triggers" built-in.With targeted chats, you can invite users to enter a conversation with your team or show a notification, for example, for a promotion. You can create a trigger based on the time the user spends on your website, what page they are one, or what browser or what device they are using. Based on that, you can send a notification, open the chat window, show a form, or redirect the user to another page and many other actions.

Helpmonks Live-Chat Chat Transcript

As Helpmonks Live-Chat is unified with Helpmonks, you can get a transcript of each chat in your mailbox. On top of that, the customer is recorded and optionally labeled in your Helpmonks customer record database (where you can use that label to send out an email with the Email Marketing Platform).

Email Marketing Platform

The Helpmonks Email Marketing Platform allows you to send out Email Campaigns to your customers. You can create two kind of Email Campaigns; One-Time Campaign and automated Campaigns.

At this point we are still putting the finish touches on the Email Marketing Platform and will update this page with more information as they come available (by the end of August 2020).

In the meantime,give Helpmonks a try.We're sure you won't be disappointed.

What people are saying about Helpmonks

I really appreciate you always improving the product. Makes it apleasure to use.Have a great weekend!


FYI,very happy customershere at Oosterpoort, we use helpmonks on a daily basis :-)


We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made ourcommunication with our customers so much easier.Thank you.


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