Meet the best alternative to Intercom for customer service

A omnipotent intercom alternative.

As an all-in-one customer engagement platform, Helpmonks is the clear choice for customer service teams who look for the best Intercom alternative.

It's the solution that your customer support, sales, and marketing team always wanted.

A omnipotent intercom alternative.
Great system that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

User in Real Estate

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

JT M. (Small Business Owner)

A customer experience platform that feels personal

With almost no limits, Helpmonks is a customer service toolkit for growing businesses and leading teams. Withpricing that makes sense, you never have to pay more just because you are successful. Start creating a delightful customer experience today, without constraints.

Here's what's included with every Helpmonks account.

Shared Inbox: Seamless collaboration in one place.

Every shared inbox in Helpmonks has superpowers. Each email conversation provides you with a complete profile of the sender, including a entire history. Furthermore, the association with a company enables your customer service team to make well-informed decisions in real-time.

The customer-centric approach for yourshared inboxempowers every team member in your organization.

Intelligent Shared inbox with analytics

Live Chat: It's never been easier to talk to customers. No limits.

Compared to all Intercom alternatives, you can enjoy unlimited chat conversations with as many website visitors or customers as you want. Furthermore, you can use theLive Chaton as many sites as you want without limitations. Moreover, there is also no chat agent limit.

Build customer relationships, knowing that you will not be punished when your business grows. We are here to help you become successful.

Live Chat without any limits

Email Campaigns: Email newsletters and distribution lists.

Sending an email newsletter to your distribution list is a breeze with the HelpmonksMarketing Campaign Platform. You will not be relegated to complex email drip workflows, but create your email newsletter and contact your customers with ease.

Creating email newsletters shouldn't be a cumbersome process. Luckily, our marketing platform is here. That's the power and convenience of an all-in-one customer communication platform.

Marketing platform for email newsletters and distribution lists

Email Drip Campaign: Pro-active customer engagement.

You can use our customer engagement software to send highly personalizedautomated emailsbased on the customers' behavior at any time.

What once was only available with a hefty price tag, is made affordable now. Unless you continue to use Intercom and are happy to pay over $500 a month and just be able to use it with a limited amount of users and with limited emails per month :(

Unlimited email drip campaigns with unlimited emails per month

To-Do's: Because ticking the task checkbox feels fantastic.

Every Helpmonks account comes with ourTo-Do app for teams. Use it to delegate tasks to your team and stay on top of customer communication.

Furthermore, To-Dos are automatically associated with your contacts and emails. With this deep integration, our customer engagement solution provides intelligent reporting into each customer's tasks, workloads, time spend per email, and more.

Task management in your inbox

CRM: Build meaningful customer relationships

Our customer experience platform includes a completeCustomer Relationship Managementthat your sales or customer support can use to drive lead nurturing and lead generation.

Improve customer service management automatically and never let a deal fall through the cracks. With our universal inbox, you get a complete picture of every customer and sales opportunity.

Lead generation in your universal inbox

Trusted by over 2,000 organizations with millions of emails

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed
We couldn't do our job without Helpmonks!
Helpmonks, the best thing since sliced bread
Excellent option for collaborating email amongst your team
A good platform that is here to grow and help you grow
Helpmonks is a great tool that our company utilizes and depends on
Great shared inbox for the team
Fantastic email support service for any business
Easy to navigate and catalog data for specific users
Solid Helpdesk software w/ responsive customer support
A really good solution to manage customer support mailbox
Good support, useful features